CompanyDecember 16, 2018

New Major Versions of the DataStax Node.js Drivers

Jorge Bay Gondra
Jorge Bay Gondra
New Major Versions of the DataStax Node.js Drivers
requestTracker.emitter.on('slow', message => console.log(message));
[] Slow request, took 1305 ms (request size 35 bytes / response size 1 KB): SELECT col1, col2 FROM table1 WHERE id = ? [1]
client.metrics.responses.success.on('increment', () =>;
client.metrics.errors.clientTimeout.on('increment', () =>;
client.metrics.speculativeExecutions.on('increment', () =>;
const client = new Client({ contactPoints, localDataCenter: 'datacenter1' })
client.execute(query, params, { prepare: true, isIdempotent: true })
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