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An open source, pluggable, NoSQL benchmarking suite
Jonathan Shook
Jonathan Shook

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As part of DataStax’s strategy, we recently decided to share dsbench, our internal testing tool. This was one of the first tools we shared because it provides a quantum leap in testing capabilities for the Apache Cassandra community. It is already used by engineers and customers alike for performance testing, data model design, and sizing and deployment of new clusters. 

After we started putting the finishing touches on the dsbench release, it became clear that we could do more. Thus, we have rebranded and open-sourced the pieces of dsbench in a new project called NoSQLBench.

With the new open source NoSQLBench project, we have put all the pieces together in one place, including CQL support. NoSQLBench is a modular and extensible testing platform that we can build and innovate on together. NoSQLBench is an APLv2 licensed project backed by DataStax.

We are encouraging anybody in the NoSQL community who wants to help to contribute to this project. As the name implies, NoSQLBench is designed to be extensible. Apache Cassandra support is the first example but over five years of iteration we believe we have identified the right building blocks to support more. We want to work with the broader NoSQL community to build the next generation of NoSQL testing capabilities together.


Why aren’t you contributing this directly to the Apache Cassandra project?

While this option was considered, NoSQLBench is built to work with any type of driver and not only with Apache Cassandra. Because of this, we felt that including it directly in the Apache Cassandra project would confuse users and distract from the larger goals of the NoSQLBench project.

As such, we want to make sure that it has enough autonomy among NoSQL technology vendors and users that we can build for the whole ecosystem. Our wish is that we bring testing technology forward to help solve some long-standing challenges in the NoSQL ecosystem. To do this, we need to build bridges in all directions. If we are ultimately successful, the challenge of testing scalable and distributed systems gets easier for all of us.

Of course, we hope that Apache Cassandra and DSE users will use it for their testing, but this is primarily motivated by our own experiences with the toolkit.

Can Apache Cassandra developers use this for testing?

Absolutely! Many do already within DataStax. We hope to share the power of this toolkit with Apache Cassandra developers without it becoming a distraction. Of course, we’ll be there as part of the community to help.

Is NoSQLBench a DataStax product?

NoSQLBench is a sponsored project of DataStax. DataStax does not assert control over it.
DataStax has a vested interest in supporting NoSQLBench because it is used across the spectrum of users, from engineering to field work and also directly with our customers.

How do I use NoSQLBench?

There is a doc site online already that shows you how to jump right in. It is at

How do I get NoSQLBench?

You can download it right now at the

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