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The Partner Technologies of DSE 6.7

Kathryn Erickson
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The Partner Technologies of DSE 6.7

It’s safe to say that the technology partner and ecosystem team at DataStax is in love with DataStax Enterprise (DSE) 6.7.

It’s been two years since we moved this team into our Product and Engineering Organization, which enabled us to better prioritize customer needs around building an extensible platform and an ecosystem of complementary technologies.

We recognized that it was no longer enough to provide an enterprise database that solved our customers’ hardest problems of scale and availability. Customers expected an offering that easily integrated with their full application stack. DSE 6.7 achieves a matchless level of developer and operator simplicity by providing new, ecosystem-friendly options to ingest, deploy, and monitor DSE clusters with ease.

Here are the key DSE 6.7 enhancements that come from technology partners:

Flexible Monitoring

Customers often want a unified view of metrics across the full application stack that can provide application insights in a holistic view. Furthermore, to troubleshoot application issues, it is vital to be able to correlate application and network activity with the impact on the database.

There is a multitude of monitoring solutions in this space. Naturally, customers choose a stack that fits their enterprise needs. At DataStax, we understand this, so in DSE 6.7 we’ve announced the DSE Metrics Collector, which lets you integrate DSE metrics with many standard centralized monitoring solutions.

Simplified Deployment

Customer use of Dockerized DSE has doubled over the last two years. During this time we’ve provided docker images for our full product suite, and with DSE 6.7 those Docker images are graduating to being production-ready for DSE, Studio, and OpsCenter. To customize the images further, we’re also providing access to our GitHub repo for any customers.

Easier Data Ingest

During the two years that Docker use was taking off, 60% of DataStax customers ranked Apache Kafka™ as the number 1 technology for which they wanted an improved integration. In DSE 6.7, we announced The DataStax Apache Kafka Connector, which capitalizes on the best practices of using DSE for your streaming data layer while delivering enterprise-grade resiliency and security.

The connector is the bridge that moves Apache Kafka records automatically to DSE without any need for a custom solution while providing market-leading performance, flexibility, security, and visibility.

Whats Next?

To get started with the Kafka connector, head over to the academy to check out the “Getting Started with the DataStax Apache Kafka Connector video series or jump in the deep end with our examples repository.

To train up on Docker Images, get started with the Academy Tutorial or check them out directly on Docker Hub: DataStax EnterpriseDSE Studio, and DSE OpsCenter.

Lastly, we want to make it easy for customers to see the value of Metrics Collector. Check out the Academy Tutorial, which automates the deployment of all components, including DSE, the dashboards, and the recommended metrics to monitor.

We hope you are as thrilled with these announcements as we are, and we look forward to helping you further in future DSE releases!

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