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Restworld: Revolutionizing Hospitality Recruitment with Astra DB and Vector Search

Arlene Go
Arlene Go
Restworld: Revolutionizing Hospitality Recruitment with Astra DB and Vector Search

Restworld has carved its niche as a unique platform in the hospitality industry. Functioning as a hybrid job board and recruitment agency, Restworld connects employers, including hotels, restaurants, and bars, with potential employees within the restaurant sector. The platform aims to streamline the matchmaking process between job seekers and employers, enhancing recruitment efficiency in this specific industry.

Restworld's platform is a hub where job opportunities can be posted, and candidates can easily submit resumes. The platform aims to revolutionize the recruitment process by leveraging cutting-edge technologies, including AI tools like automatic CV parsing and matching algorithms. These tools efficiently extract CV information and recommend the most suitable candidates for specific job offers.

The startup emphasizes a personalized and efficient experience for users in the hospitality sector. By integrating AI tools and staying adaptable to market changes, Restworld offers employers and job seekers a technological edge, showcasing a commitment to innovation within the dynamic landscape of the hospitality industry.

The journey with AI began primarily focusing on product development and user acquisition. However, the evolving market, influenced significantly by the pandemic, prompted the realization of AI's crucial role in managing the growing volume of acquired data.

"Restworld revolutionizes hospitality recruitment with DataStax Astra DB on AWS and vector search, enhancing candidate matching,” said Edoardo Conte, Founder and CTO, Restworld. “With 90,000+ registered workers in Italy on our platform, we anticipate a significant efficiency boost and a potential 5X improvement in candidate matching, using collaborative filtering algorithms and vector capabilities inspired by tech giants like Netflix and Amazon. Our meticulous job profiling and semantic search are driving this innovative recruitment approach." 

Restworld recently delved into generative AI, utilizing embeddings and vector search for semantic interpretation of data. This approach facilitates knowledge representation and efficient data traversal, benefiting external tools such as large language models (LLMs) and orchestrators.

The company's agility and swift response to market changes have facilitated the seamless integration of AI tools. Collaborating with DataStax to implement GenAI and vector search capabilities in Astra DB has proven pivotal, providing a product and valuable guidance throughout development.

Astra DB is the vector database for developers that need to get accurate Gen AI applications into production fast. Astra DB provides elegant APIs, powerful data pipelines, and complete ecosystem integrations to quickly build GenAI applications on real-time data for more accurate AI that can be deployed in production. 

Restworld generates vectors from job offers using text embedding models and stores them in Astra DB. The matching algorithm employs collaborative filtering to recommend candidates based on past similar job positions.

The choice of DataStax as a partner was driven by the collaborative nature and the commitment to building a solution together, emphasizing the added value of a partnership that extends beyond providing a product.

Restworld leverages AI to offer a competitive advantage in an industry where standing out is paramount. The platform gives job seekers a distinctive and personalized experience, allowing them to express preferences and receive tailored job suggestions based on their profiles. Restworld is not just revolutionizing recruitment; it's reshaping the future of hiring in the hospitality sector.

To learn more, watch this video with Restworld's Conte.

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