CompanyJuly 22, 2021

Thanks for Your Support! DataStax Customers just Handed Us the NorthFace ScoreBoard Award!

Kris Bhandare
Kris Bhandare
Thanks for Your Support! DataStax Customers just Handed Us the NorthFace ScoreBoard Award!

At DataStax, we’re obsessed with understanding, connecting with, and serving enterprises and developers. It’s a partnership that’s core to our culture and strategy. We like to think that this obsession is reflected in our products. Take Astra DB. We’ve redefined enterprises’ experience with database management, by offering a managed, pay-as-you-go distribution of Apache Cassandra™ that’s easy to get started with and extremely cost-effective.

So we’re particularly proud to announce that DataStax has won the NorthFace ScoreBoard Award from the CRM Institute in recognition of our outstanding customer service and support in 2020.

“DataStax always provides top-notch support and feedback. DataStax Enterprise is core to our business and allows us to provide rich data insights enabling credit unions to quickly understand portfolio behavior and make decisions to grow their credit and debit programs. We appreciate DataStax support’s knowledgeable team and prompt response. It’s clear that obsessing over their customers is in the DataStax DNA,” said  Lavanya Mutha, database administrator IV, CO-OP Financial Services.

Customer service is arguably one of the most important in the world of IT, and we at DataStax view support as far more than a service—it’s a differentiator, it's who we are and how we work. 

By and large, we’re doing some things right – for 2020 we achieved an overall Customer Satisfaction rating of 9.3 (on a scale of 10), and a high Net Promoter score (NPS) of +79 (on a scale of -100 to +100). This is particularly satisfying when you consider the average technology company scores in the 30s. An NPS over 70 means that your company is generating a lot of positive word-of-mouth from customers and their referrals. 

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