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We Polled 500 IT Leaders About Winning with Data. Here's What We Learned...

Bryan Kirschner
Bryan KirschnerVice President of Strategy
We Polled 500 IT Leaders About Winning with Data. Here's What We Learned...

Technology choices obviously play a critical role in how organizations drive revenue and customer value from data. 

DataStax research, coupled with our experience working with many of the world's largest and most data-intensive enterprises, found that those using some combination of Apache Cassandra, Kubernetes, Elasticsearch, Apache Kafka, Apache Pulsar, and Apache Spark—were more than 2x more likely to attribute more than 20% of their revenue to data and analytics.

We call this smart combination of best-of-breed technologies to deliver compelling experiences “the open data stack.”

But there’s much more to building success with data than an arsenal of great tools. We wanted to validate patterns and practices beyond technology alone that set up companies for success, while learning about steps that others less far along on their data-driven business transformations could follow to accelerate their progress.

So we surveyed more than 500 CIOs and technology leaders and uncovered key attributes of “data leaders”—companies that excel at using data to deliver value to customers and are most likely to derive at least 20% of revenue from data and analytics. 

Our findings are contained in our new report, “The State of the Data Race 2021,” but here’s an overview of some of our findings: 

  • What leading organizations do to improve the customer experience and boost revenue with data
  • Why a hybrid data strategy is key to using data to drive revenue and customer value (Leaders are most likely to be pursuing a hybrid strategy for both compute and data)
  • Key steps spanning culture, change management, and technology that organizations take to move toward the level of the highly successful data strategies used by leaders

Want the details? Download “The State of the Data Race 2021” today.


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