CompanySeptember 21, 2018

Why Hybrid Cloud Works for the BFSI Sector

Jonathan Lacefield
Jonathan LacefieldProduct
Why Hybrid Cloud Works for the BFSI Sector

DataStax Enterprise is the foundation for real-time applications at massive scale. Nine of the top 15 global banks rely on DataStax Enterprise (DSE) for customer 360; compliance and data security; and fraud prevention.

DSE allows banks and financial institutions to exceed expectations through consumer and enterprise applications that provide responsive and meaningful engagement to each customer. It also gives organizations full data autonomy, allowing them to retain control and strategic ownership of their most valuable asset in a hybrid cloud world.

Hybrid cloud has become the foundation for innovation and agile application delivery for the financial industry. Combined with a distributed database platform, banks will continue to lead digital innovation in a highly regulated environment and provide the applications customers expect from financial providers today.

But hybrid cloud is one thing. Learning what a data layer is and how it plays perfectly into a hybrid cloud strategy is another.

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