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Developer Newsletter: Your Fast Track To Cassandra Certification

Jeffrey Carpenter
Jeffrey CarpenterSoftware Engineer - Stargate
Developer Newsletter: Your Fast Track To Cassandra Certification

Have you acheived a Cassandra certification? Have colleagues who would benefit from getting certified? We wanted to make sure know about some recent updates to our certification program to make it easier than ever to earn your Cassandra Developer or Cassandra Administrator certification:

  • We updated the exams to eliminate confusing questions and emphasize problem solving over memorization. We’ve already observed a slight increase in the pass rate!
  • Our new exam preparation workshop will be offered monthly, with the first sessions on Nov 4 and 5. Experience sample questions in a fun environment and ask questions of our experts. 
  • There’s a new free 20-question practice exam on our certification site you can use to check your knowledge, then take the real exam on demand when you’re ready.
  • We’ve lowered the exam fee to $145 and free vouchers are available to those who have completed a learning path on DataStax Academy.

Visit our certification page to pick a learning path and get started today.

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Example of the Week

  • This week’s example is A Comparison of Java Frameworks - contributed by @tomekl007
  • This example contains a microbenchmark that collects the compile time, startup time, memory usage, and load time of simple "Hello World"-like apps in Spring, Quarkus, Micronaut, and Helidon. 
  • You will need an Astra database to run this example - Sign up for your free Astra database if you haven’t already.
  • Walk through the example with Tomasz Lelek, Software Engineer at DataStax - YouTube Video

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