Build and scale
cloud native apps

The power of real-time data delivered as a service—for fast, flexible development and unlimited scalability.

Launch cloud apps and spin up databases in minutes

Cloud native developers need to move fast. By going serverless with DataStax Astra DB, you can use your favorite tool and language to deliver scalable, resilient apps on any cloud. With no infrastructure, configuration, or operational distractions to worry about, you can focus on what really matters—delivering the best performance and digital experience for your users and business.


Speed and flexibility for cloud native developers

Start fast

  • Go serverless with no infrastructure to provision or manage
  • Use your favorite tools and languages with nothing new to learn
  • Launch cloud apps in minutes with no operational barriers
Start fast

Grow without limits

  • Scale dynamically to match the needs of cloud native workloads
  • Deploy anywhere in the world, on any cloud, and scale to new regions instantly
  • Connect easily, with any tool or service, through an open API gateway
Grow without limits

Deliver high performance

  • Build secure, resilient apps that work every time
  • Achieve faster processing for data at rest and in motion
  • Maintain availability and resiliency with enterprise ready operations
Deliver high performance

Unlock the value of the cloud

  • Build apps on a fully cloud native architecture and open source technologies
  • Avoid vendor lock-in with a cloud agnostic database
  • Pay only for the resources you need, when you need them
Unlock the value of the cloud

Building invincible apps with Temporal

DataStax's CEO and Temporal's CTO discuss developer productivity, how to build invincible apps with the right tech and partners, and provides advice for businesses racing to become cloud native.

Success Stories

“We have an agile development culture with a sophisticated continuous improvement and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline. With the DataStax platform and the synergies of the APIs with our microservices architecture, we can analyze results and iterate quickly to adjust areas that need improvement and more effectively capitalize on success."

Joo Lee
CTO and Partner at Endowus

“We chose DataStax Astra DB as the primary data store for our time-series IoT data because of its support for simple and cost-effective business continuity. With the help of DataStax, we’re enabling farmers to better plant and manage their precious water resources in a climate-adaptive manner — all to prevent plant stress, reduce fruit loss, improve production, and maximize crop potential.”

Revital Kremer
Chief Technology Officer at SupPlant

“We explored cloud-native options and found that DataStax Astra DB met all our requirements for a column store. It was very easy to set up, with strong enterprise-grade security, fast queries, global availability, and scalability.”

Nikhil Smotra
Co-Founder and CTO, Dataworkz
Digital Champions: Building the Future in Real Time

Discover how cloud native heroes are leading the way by using real-time data and the cloud to deliver transformative value for their organizations. We recognize and celebrate their vision and dedication to creating powerful applications that make a difference.



Astra DB

Reduce app development time from weeks to minutes and start scaling without limits.