What We Will Cover

Start your path to becoming a Cassandra expert with our 8 week Cassandra Workshop Series! In this workshop series, we show you just how easy it is to build an application on top of the database that leading companies turn to for their most challenging workloads.

What's In It For You?

We are pleased to introduce our Cassandra Workshop series! Join and follow our 8 week course to start your path to becoming a Cassandra expert. Each week we will take another step starting with understanding how Cassandra will work for your application, building, testing and finally deploying it into production.

You can expect to end the 8 week course with a very high proficiency in Apache Cassandra™, putting you in a great position to show off your new Cassandra skills when going for some of the highest paid roles in the NoSQL world. By following each week's exercise and follow-up work, you will be ready for Apache Cassandra™ certification. Once you have completed all 8 weeks, we will provide you with a voucher to take either the Apache Cassandra™ Admin or Developer certification exam. A value of over $300! We want to educate as many engineers as possible in two months. Don’t miss this opportunity!


The Syllabus

Before the start of each week you will receive an email with more in-depth insight in to what we will cover, the resources you need, and where we are hanging out that week.

PART 1: How to build Applications with Cassandra

Week 1: Getting Started with Cassandra
Week 2: Data Modelling for Apache Cassandra™
Week 3: Application Development with Cassandra part 1
Week 4: Application Development with Cassandra part 2
PART 2: Test, Deploy and monitor your clusters and applications

Week 5: Operating your Cassandra clusters
Week 6: Running Cassandra performance tests
Week 7: Testing your deployments and troubleshooting
Week 8: Deploying Cassandra with Kubernetes

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Where Will We Be?

There are 2 slots for you to choose from each week.

They both cover the exact same materials, so pick the one that suits you best.

EVERY Wednesday:
12pm Eastern Day Time / 5PM BST / 6PM CEST

EVERY Thursday:
8AM BST / 9am CEST / 12:30pm Indian Standard Time