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Hybrid Cloud Journey Success

Tom Smith of DZone shares DataStax’s thoughts on what companies need to consider when making the journey to the hybrid cloud.

The Silicon Review

Best Database for Hybrid Cloud: DataStax

The Silicon Review highlights DataStax and DataStax Enterprise as a unified data layer of database, search, and analytics – and as the only hybrid cloud data management layer that allows enterprises to meet the contextual, always-on, real-time, distributed and scalable requirements of Right-Now Economy applications.


How Facebook Has Changed Computing

Jonathan Ellis, CTO and Co-Founder at DataStax, discusses his thoughts on Facebook saying, “They went beyond just cloning what Google and Amazon did and innovate, they did something different.”


Predictions 2019: What Will Happen in Big Data, Cloud Storage

Patrick McFadin, VP of Developer Relations at DataStax gives his 2019 prediction that enterprises with a big mix of hybrid cloud services, traditional and modern apps, and big business problems to solve will see hybrid cloud data as a company priority.


Hybrid Cloud Architecture, A Future solution for Traditional Banks

Xavier Guérin, DataStax Vice President of Western Europe shares his thoughts on how hybrid and multi-cloud will impact the banking industry, noting this cloud movement should accelerate by 2020, driven by banks such as Société Générale or Crédit Agricole. (Article in French)


IDG Connect

Databases 2019: what will happen in a hybrid, cloud world?

In this contributed article, David Waugh, DataStax Senior Vice President of Market Development, shares his 2019 predictions for hybrid cloud – including the expected growth in hybrid cloud approaches by businesses and how data portability will become an issue for more companies in the new year.


AI Prognostications Plentiful for New Year

Patrick McFadin, VP of Developer Relations at DataStax gives his 2019 predictions, noting that he expects the confluence of micro services, containers, and databases to create value for those charged with managing big data.

CIO Bulletin

30 Great Places to Work 2018

DataStax is named one of the 30 Great Places to Work in 2018, CEO Billy Bosworth is profiled, and eBay’s implementation of DataStax Enterprise is highlighted.

Big Data-Insider

How to optimize the knowledge gain

Xavier Guerin, DataStax VP of Western Europe, shares his insights on the latest industry trends and why implementing a data management strategy for hybrid cloud is a vital business requirement for today’s enterprises. (German)


DataStax reconnects with Apache Cassandra

Ovum analyst and ZDNet columnist Tony Baer has written the first of two pieces about DataStax today, this one is an opinion blog on DataStax’s history and partnership with Apache Cassandra™.


Tech CEOs: This Year’s Favorite Books

Tom Taulli, Contributor for Forbes, takes a look at how books can make a difference for a CEO. Here is Tom's list of what CEOs are reading now and this includes a title from DataStax CEO, Billy Bosworth.

Industry Today

Make Hybrid Cloud Work for Manufacturing

Matt Kennedy, DataStax Sr Director, Cloud, explains how as a manufacturer, you are most likely using a mix of on-premises, public cloud, and private cloud options to keep pace with the demands of business. He then dives into the pros and cons of cloud, and how to solve any issues that may arise with employing a hybrid cloud strategy.

Solutions Review

The Top Cloud Computing Trends to Follow in 2019

Patrick McFadin, DataStax VP of Developer Relations, is featured for his 2019 predictions on cloud computing trends -- including how microservices and containers will impact the future of databases and what the next wave of DevOps will entail.


Sysbus trend topic “Artificial Intelligence”

DataStax VP of Southern EMEA, Xavier Guerin, shares his thoughts on artificial intelligence and how companies can use this technology to better understand the value of their data. (Article in German)

Focus Online

When customers voluntarily pay more when shopping online

Evanna Kearins, DataStax VP of Global Field Marketing, shares her thoughts on customer experience during the Advent season and features the ‘Me Culture’ survey results, highlighting personalization and efficiency as essential needs by consumers when shopping. (Article in German)


Cloud 2019 Predictions (Part 2)

Cloud 2019 Predictions–DZone shares the predictions of industry experts on the big trends in cloud computing. DataStax SVP & CPO, Robin Schumacher, says: "Those moving their data-driven apps to the cloud will need to architect they are hybrid and ensure zero downtime..."


Now is the time to develop a WV cyber workforce

The West Virginia Coding and Cyber Summit on Nov. 15th was attended by over 200 participants, many of whom were high school and university students. Billy Bosworth, DataStax CEO, was one of many executives who donated funds to help students attend this event in honor of Brad Smith of Intuit.


Patrick McFadin, DataStax | AWS re:Invent 2018

Patrick McFadin, VP of Developer Relations at DataStax, sits down with John Walls & Justin Warren at AWS re:Invent 2018 in Las Vegas, NV to discuss the inner workings of hybrid cloud and the services DataStax provides for its customers.


31 Tech Predictions for 2019

Robin Schumacher, SVP and Chief Product Officer at DataStax gives his 2019 prediction on the future of multi-cloud, noting that moving data-driven apps to the cloud will need to be architected for hybrid and multi-cloud in design to ensure zero downtime and uniform performance for their global customer base.


Why Your Hybrid Cloud Strategy Is Not Enough

David Waugh, Senior Vice President of Market Development at DataStax, discusses why enterprises should be modernizing their strategies by adopting a hybrid database strategy to minimize key risks that often come with a hybrid cloud strategy.

DataStax developer lead on programming for multi-cloud

Patrick McFadin, Vice President of Developer Relations at DataStax spoke with the Computer Weekly Developer Network team attending the DataStax UK Developer Day. In this article, Patrick shares his thoughts on programming in the multi-cloud world and what developers need to start thinking about.


DataStax launches certified release of Apache Cassandra™

Robin Schumacher, SVP and Chief Product Officer at DataStax, is quoted throughout and explains the new product release of DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra™ as equivalent to and backwards compatible with the open source version of Cassandra.


DataStax wants to charge a second for its managed cloud

Vice President of EMEA at DataStax, Xavier Guérin, and Developer Advocate at DataStax, Cédrick Lunven, discuss with Editor-in-Chief, Cyrille Chausson why DSE is the right solution companies should be implementing in their businesses. (French)

The SaaS Report

The SaaS Report’s Top Women Leaders in SaaS of 2018

Jodi Sutton, Vice President of Global Go-To-Market Operations at DataStax is named to The SaaS Report (“TSR”), Top Women Leaders in SaaS of 2018 as #8. The organization recognizes and celebrates the accomplishments of women in SaaS, software, and the broader technology field.

Solutions Review

Our 7 Favorite “Most Promising” Big Data Solution Providers in 2018 (DataStax listed)

CIOReview recently named the 20 Most Promising Big Data Solution Providers – 2018. The listing features providers that are assisting the enterprise with machine learning, artificial intelligence, data governance, cloud computing and real-time analytics. From this list, Solutions Review selected DataStax as one of their top seven favorite “most promising” big data solution provider in 2018.


12 Tactics For Improved Handling Of Consumer Data

As part of the Forbes Communications Council, DataStax Vice President of Corporate Marketing, Eric Channing Brown, discusses data security and his useful tactics for managing a businesses’ data infrastructure.


2018 Readers’ & Editors’ Choice Awards

DataStax is awarded Datanami’s Editors’ Choice for the category, “Best Big Data Product or Technology: Data Management” noting that DataStax is up for the challenge of managing data at a large scale.


The Cloud 100 List

DataStax ranked #52 on Forbes’ Top 100 Private Companies in Cloud Computing list, up from the #66 spot in 2017.

ReadIT Quik

Decoding Cloud Best Practices for Big Data Management

ReadIT Quik speaks with DataStax Senior Vice President and Chief Technical Officer, Jonathan Ellis about the advantages of Cloud technology and Big Data management on the cloud. This Q&A also includes insights about how to approach a cloud deployment project, making the most of the technology available today.


DataStax review: Cassandra made faster and easier

Martin Heller, contributing editor to InfoWorld determines DataStax Enterprise 6 offers greater throughput than Cassandra, lower latency, and useful extras that make it easier to run and cites the zData benchmark report to support his findings.


Why Business Fails To Travel The ‘Last Mile’ Of Analytics

Patrick McFadin, Vice President of Developer Relations at DataStax is quoted in this Forbes article penned by Adrian Bridgwater, where he explains that real-time data needs an extra level of sophistication when it comes to data management and usage. Therefore, quickly gaining insight and acting on telemetry is how many businesses stay ahead and those that only rely on large batch analytics will fall behind.


Apache Cassandra turns 10

Article by Tony Baer (Ovum) that highlights Cassandra’s anniversary, while comparing the platform to other competitors.


RCI Bank aims to cash in on Big Data customer insights

DataStax Enterprise is highlighted throughout this piece as a key technology used to build RCI Banks’s architecture, giving the company access to online sales tools and external data from stakeholders, including insurers, builders and surveyors.


Amazon CTO: Our cloud offers any database you need

Jonathan Lacefield, Director of Customer Experience and Graph Solutions at DataStax, is quoted for his previous comments to SiliconANGLE on new applications that need to be rebuilt in a different way than those that use relational databases.

Healthcare Global

Meet the doctors of data

On page 38, James Martin, RVP of Western Europe for DataStax, discusses how the company’s always-on distributed cloud database supports the Internet of Things, providing a platform of innovation in healthcare.


13 Communications Lessons learned in Unexpected Places

Eric Brown, a member of the Forbes Communications Council and Vice President of Corporate Marketing Communications at DataStax, discusses the B2B industry, noting that incorporating elements from pop culture and daily life into the enterprise mix can leave a standout impression for a brand.

MarTech Today

3 Challenges with Big Data for Marketers

This article explores three roadblocks marketers face when embracing big data and why some marketers may turn towards other customer data management solutions. DataStax CMO Karl Van den Bergh argues that marketers struggle to generate value from big data primarily because the value of data is directly proportional to the speed as well as the extent with which it can be employed.


These investors say venture capital is broken — and they’ve started an ‘Unusual’ new fund to fix it

John Vrionis, a former partner with Lightspeed Ventures, and Jyoti Bansal, the founder of AppDynamics, have teamed to form a new venture capital firm focused on seed-stage investing. Unusual is focusing on smaller investments and training founders. The program will offer participating founders six classes on the obstacles they'll have to overcome on their way to building their businesses. Among the entrepreneurs who have committed to teaching classes is DataStax CEO Billy Bosworth.

MarTech Today

The story of data: Where are we now?

Hyperlocal, across all channels, everywhere you are — we are currently knee-deep in the era of personalization. DataStax CMO Karl Van den Bergh weighs in on the topic of hyperpersonalization and how companies can drive engagement and continued sales with an emphasis on right-now moments.

The Tech Tribune

10 Best Tech Startups in Santa Clara

The Tech Tribune has named DataStax the #1 tech startup in Santa Clara. Revenue potential, leadership team, brand/product traction, and competitive landscape are all factors that contribute to DataStax being at the top.


DataStax Pushes The Cloud Database Performance Boundary With New Release

In an interview with CRN, Martin Van Ryswyk, Executive Vice President of Product Management and Engineering at DataStax, touts DSE 6 as “achieving half the latency for application response and twice the throughput and user capacity through a new thread-per-core architecture design that results in more evenly distributed data in the cluster and more evenly distributed CPU utilization.”


DataStax Enterprise 6: Faster, fit and finish

Following the release of DataStax Enterprise 6, Andrew Brust writes, “The latest release of the Cassandra-based database brings better performance, streamlined operation and Enterprise manageability.”

MarTech Advisor

The Five Essential Customer 360 Facts

In this contributed article, Karl Van den Bergh, DataStax CMO, shares his views on why Customer 360 plays an important role in an enterprise’s ability to deliver the hyper-personalized customer experiences that today’s customers expect.


DisrupTV Featuring Billy Bosworth, DataStax

Featured in this weekly episode, Billy Bosworth, DataStax CEO, is interviewed by hosts R “Ray” Wang and Vala Afshar on topics ranging from data collection and AI to data management and data autonomy.


Top 10 data anaytics providers

Forbes recently released its Cloud 100, detailing a comprehensive list of the 100 cloud computing businesses. DataStax is included in the rundown of the top 10 big analytics providers on the list.


Startup Success: Why You Should Hire Unstoppable People

DataStax ​President ​Steve Rowland​, a member of the Forbes ​Business Development Council, writes about how the key to building a sustainable culture of innovation and sustainable business starts with people who are unstoppable.


10 Amazing Products and Trends from CES that have Tech Pros Excited

DataStax CEO Billy Bosworth, a member of the Forbes Technology Council, shares his excitement on background data processing. “What makes the current wave of gadgets so interesting is their intelligence… When that kind of background data processing power meets a cool gadget, magic happens.”

Market Realist

Oracle Converts Rival DataStax into an Ally

Oracle partners with DataStax in a move that signals a shift as the company converts a rival into an ally. The partnership involves DataStax bringing DataStax Enterprise to Oracle’s managed services environment.



2018 AI/ML Predictions (Part 1)

DataStax’s Patrick McFadin, VP of Developer Relations, shares his prediction for artificial intelligence/machine learning for 2018.


The Geekification of B2B CMOs in 2018

DataStax’s Karl Van den Bergh speaks about educating internal stakeholders on the evolving role of marketing and the use of data for B2B marketers as they prepare for 2018.

DM Radio

A Graph for All Seasons: New Ways to Innovate

This episode of DM Radio features DataStax’s Patrick McFadin on the topic of the power of graph databases to enable discovery — even across a wide and variant set of data sources, big and small.


DataStax to demo its NoSQL DSE platform running on Oracle Cloud at OpenWorld

DataStax is a silver-level and “cloud standard” member of the PartnerNetwork… and will demonstrate its DataStax Enterprise (DSE) distribution of the Apache Cassandra NoSQL database running on Oracle Cloud and “handling real-time, geographically distributed operational data management within the Oracle Data Hub managed service environment” at Oracle OpenWorld.

SD Times

Distributed, always-on data managment

DataStax’s Robin Schumacher discusses how enterprises can ensure their applications are always available, even when other applications fail, by using the DataStax Enterprise (DSE) data management platform.


Big data and IoT: what’s next?

DataStax’s Martin James responds to worries about the veracity of data, areas of progress with IoT projects and the growing importance of natural language processing.


DataStax sets sights on customer experience

With companies increasingly making customer experience projects top priorities, DataStax is marshaling its resources in a move to help its customers build the data infrastructures to support them.



Australian bank re-imagines customer experience thanks to NoSQL technology

Macquarie Bank re-imagined customer experience thanks to NoSQL technology. Based on Apache Cassandra, DataStax Enterprise offered the speed and scalability the bank needed to analyze streaming data against a large store of historical information while also supporting a much great variety of data types than the structured relational engine would.

Big Data Quarterly

NoSQL is a No-Brainer

DataStax Enterprise allows user to harness the true power of a multi- model NoSQL database to deliver an always-on customer experience, faster performance, and powerful contextual recommendations.

The New Stack

Tinkerpop Growing with Graph Database Popularity

Apache Tinkerpop is growing with graph database popularity. Built on the foundation of TinkerPop and Cassandra, DataStax Enterprise Graph is the only scalable real-time graph database built for cloud applications that need to manage complex data with many relationships.

Floss Weekly

Apache Cassandra

DataStax Robin Schumacher shares three things to consider for your database strategy for hybrid cloud.

Enterprise Times

Graphing the complexity of data

DataStax Matthias Broecheler discusses graph technology, the problems it solved and whether customers really abandon their relational database technology to take on something new.

SD Times

DataStax enters graph market

DataStax announced that it will be releasing the DataStax Enterprise Graph later this year. The new database is built on the foundations of Apache Cassandra and the Apache TinkerPop Project.



DataStax teams up with Microsoft; unveils DSE 4.8 & Titan 1.0 | #CassandraSummit

DataStax announced a new strategic partnership with cloud heavyweight Microsoft that brings its DataStax Enterprise platform to the Azure cloud. DataStax also rolled out a new version of its flagship DataStax Enterprise platform, together with the first production-ready release of Titan, a new high-performance, scale-out graph database built to manage “highly connected data”.


DataStax Pulls a Trifecta at the #CassandraSummit

At Cassandra Summit 2015, Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President of Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise Group joined DataStax CEO Billy Bosworth in a keynote to announce a strategic collaboration between their companies.


DataStax Partners With Microsoft, Unveils Graph Database

DataStax has augmented the latest release of DataStax Enterprise with an open source, scale-out graph database capability. The upgrade coincides with a preview release of the latest version of Apache Cassandra that incorporates storage and developer improvements.

Computing UK

Gaming and the power of real-time data

DataStax Chief Customer Officer and co-founder Matt Pfeil explains how real time and interactive services are transforming the gaming industry, and how other companies can also use the same approaches.


Big data at your bedside

DataStax Chief Customer Offier and co-founder Matt Pfeil discusses the potential role of data in the healthcare in the UK.

SD Times

DataStax Enterprise 4.7 released

DataStax has announced the release of DataStax Enterprise 4.7, the latest version of its Apache Cassandra database platform for enterprise applications.


How Enterprise Graph Databases Are Maturing

DataStax VP of Engineering Martin Van Ryswyk and Marko Rodriguez Chief of Engineering and Co-founder of Aurelius, acquired by DataStax in February 2015, discuss the challenges and benefits of big data analytics with graphs.

Information Age

Beneath big data: building the unbreakable

DataStax is mentioned in an article about the various methods of extracting value from data and the best infrastructure to house and manage data and quotes Matt Pfeil talking about cost savings associated with combining commodity hardware and open source.


Apache Cassandra named best NoSQL database

In a NoSQL database benchmark conducted by End Point, Apache Cassandra emerged as the top performer among leading NoSQL databases, both in throughput and latency.


DataStax just scored a big partnership with HP. Here’s why.

DataStax is a five-year old database management company that has raised close to $190 million, with more than 500 large corporate customers including eBay, Netflix, and Target.​ ​DataStax has passed the 1,000-customer mark, including one-third of the Fortune 100, a milestone that influenced a key new alliance with HP.​ ​U​nder the new relationship, the two companies have created a scalable, purpose-built solution for big data applications that pairs DataStax Enterprise software with HP Moonshot high-end server hardware.


Internet of Things: Where Does the Data Go?

As Internet of Things projects go from concepts to reality, DataStax Chief Evangelist addresses how one of the biggest challenges is how the data created by devices will flow through the system.



Why You Need NoSQL For The Internet Of Things

According to DataStax CTO Jonathan Ellis, “Relational databases like Oracle are great for dealing with data from a single company or department, but cannot provide the scale or availability that a database designed for the cloud like [NoSQL] Cassandra can.”


10 Trends Transforming Enterprise IT

Open source technologies like MySQL paved the way for this model – and the rise of Puppet Labs, DataStax / Cassandra and MuleSoft all show that open source continues to do well – but we now see freemium models in a variety of other IT software products.


Cassandra Summit 2014

theCUBE covered the 5th annual Cassandra Summit creating videos interviews with DataStax executives as well as various companies using Cassandra including The Weather Channel, Google, Microsoft, and Hailo.


This week in big data: Clouds, collaboration and Cassandra

DataStax’s partnerships with Google, GoGrid and large-enterprise consultants such as Accenture suggests that these partners’ customers are running or interested in running Cassandra (and other NoSQL data stores) and are asking for support.


Dr. Dobb's

Free Training and Free Software From DataStax

DataStax has announced its Startup Programme designed to allow “eligible startups” (by its own terms and classification) to deploy DataStax Enterprise (DSE) applications for free, along with a new DevCenter tool and free online training courses for Cassandra users.

Jax Enter

Why you shouldn’t use NoSQL just for the sake of it

A long-time Java advocate, University of Dundee lecturer Andy Cobley explains why he’s teaching Cassandra, the reason he hopes it doesn’t all go horribly wrong for NoSQL, and why he still stands behind Oracle’s platform, fifteen years down the line.


Why NoSQL Databases Are Gaining Fans

Given their Web roots, Cassandra, Couchbase and MongoDB have certainly taken more business away from MySQL than any commercially licensed database, but the recent infusions of capital show that there’s big money riding on broad enterprise adoption of NoSQL.


A new database dawn?

Rising data levels and real-time web applications are driving a shift towards NoSQL databases a move that could be as significant as the switch from mainframe to relational databases 30 years ago.

IT Director

Goodbye CEP, hello streaming and Cassandra

In particular, advocates of Cassandra would suggest that event streaming is fine if you just want to analyse what’s happening right now but that if you want to understand what’s happening now in the context of what was happening five minutes ago and five minutes before that – in other words, trending – then Cassandra is better option.

Silicon Angle

Weekly Big Data Review: SQL Alternatives are All the Rage

This past week featured a number of Big Data developments. Cloudera released an open-source authentication engine for Hadoop, Google upgraded its Cloud Platform with new data management capabilities, and DataStax raised $45 million in funding to accelerate Cassandra development.

DataStax Raises $45 Million

San Mateo-based DataStax, founded in 2010, sells software and services built on top of Apache Cassandra, an open source distributed database management system originally developed by Facebook that advocates say can be flexible and resilient on a global scale to an unprecedented degree.

Dow Jones

DataStax Raises $45M, Eyes Possible IPO

Faced with growing demand from enterprise customers for online applications that work fast and don’t crash, DataStax Inc. raised $45 million in additional funding as the company moves toward a possible initial public offering.


DataStax Rakes $45 Million; Schemes Growth

While Hadoop has been getting the elephant’s share of attention recently in NoSQL database circles, Cassandra database vendor, DataStax, has been dutifully squirrelling away at their own plans, which it was revealed this morning will be fueled by a $45 million dollar series D funding round.


Why NoSQL is a No-brainer

This blog features a mini interview-cum-discussion-cum-‘fireside chat’ with Jonathan Ellis, who is CTO at DataStax and, indeed, the current Apache Cassandra project chair.

ZD Net

DataStax Enterprise 3.1: NoSQL; Yes, CQL.

DataStax, the major commercial entity behind the Apache Cassandra wide column store NoSQL database, is today announcing version 3.1 of its DataStax Enterprise distribution.

USA Today

Unplugged: Cassandra could wreak havoc on Oracle

Cassandra isn’t the girl next door. In fact, she isn’t a person at all. Cassandra is an open-source database technology that is likely to wreak havoc on the technology industry and threaten the future of legacy purveyors of relational databases, such as Oracle.


DataStax Finds the Enterprise Fulcrum with Cassandra

Red Hat and MySQL did it successfully first, before there was a roadmap or formula – they balanced the commitment to being a primary open source curator while simultaneously building a commercial business around the open source offering.


DataStax Takes Aim at Oracle as Cassandra Summit Kicks Off

The traditional database world is under more fire this week as the Cassandra Summit kicks off in San Francisco. Oracle, the poster child for the traditional database, was the target of choice when Apache Cassandra database vendor, DataStax released news dissing the entrenched database giant.


Big movies, big data: Netflix embraces NoSQL in the cloud

Netflix is the big Kahuna of a Web media businesses, with 33 million subscribers in more than 40 countries. As Netflix’s “watch now” streaming service has grown, the company has had to rethink its data and storage strategies to cope with ballooning workloads managed in the cloud.

ZD Net

The biggest cloud app of all: Netflix

Netflix, the popular video-streaming service that takes up a third of all internet traffic during peak traffic hours isn’t just the single largest internet traffic service.


Big Data Comes To London – open source makes the market.

I met up with DataStax earlier this week, a company building a business around the Apache-licensed Cassandra key value store. the company is very bullish about the European market for non relational database technology generally, and Cassandra specifically.


Big data player DataStax opens UK office

Big data platform provider DataStax, which helped Netflix determine the likely popularity of its first proprietary series House of Cards, has opened a London Office to help it keep up with demand for its services in EMEA.


Oracle is Bleeding At The Hands Of Database Rivals

Something is seriously wrong in Larry Land. Oracle does not command absolute control like it once did. You can see this clearly with the earnings the company posted last week and the growth that startups like Datastax are witnessing as more customers seek alternative databases for online applications.

Wall Street Journal

Hunt for Engineers Leads to Scattered Workforces

Facing a talent crunch at home, young Bay Area companies are establishing teams of engineers around the world—and adjusting to the complexities of a far-flung workforce.The hunt to hire workers abroad comes as startups are also rushing to lure foreign workers to their Bay Area headquarters, as demand for top technical talent outstrips local supply.

The VAR Guy

DataStax Combines Security with NoSQL Big Data

Two major trends have emerged in the Big Data channel in recent months: First, NoSQL is becoming an increasingly popular database choice, and second, commitment to security is finally catching up with the drive to build Big Data infrastructures as quickly as possible.

ZD Net

DataStax 1.2 on Windows: A guided tour

Cassandra is a major wide column store NoSQL database. It’s popular in standalone form, and can be used with Hadoop to perform MapReduce analyses on Cassandra column families (tables).



13 Big Data Vendors To Watch In 2013

Apache Cassandra is an open-source, column-group style NoSQL database that was developed by Facebook and inspired by Amazon’s Dynamo database. DataStax is a software and commercial support provider that can implement Cassandra as a stand-alone database, in conjunction with Hadoop (on the same infrastructure) or with Solr, which offers full-text-search capabilities from Apache Lucene.


Top 3 Enterprise Ecommerce Player eBay Use That SMB Ecommerce Owners Shop Emulate

To accommodate eBay’s explosive data growth— its data centers perform hundreds of millions of reads and writes each day—and the increasing demand to process data at blistering speeds, eBay needed a solution that did not have the typical bottlenecks, scalability issues and transactional constraints associated with common relational database approaches.


Forbes: More Data, More Dollars?

As seen with the IPO of Splunk (NASDAQ:SPLK), the Big Data industry is certainly red hot. But what are early-stage operators doing — especially with monetizing things?


DataStax CEO on Why Big Data Is a Big Deal

This week DataStax announced a $25 million C round, which was led by Meritech Venture Parnters. The company is a fast-growing player in the hot Big Data market, which is benefiting from megatrends like mobile, the cloud and social networking.


Apache Cassandra database upgrade due this fall

The open source NoSQL database, which reached the 1.0 release stage last October, is now in use at companies including Disney, eBay, and Netflix, according to Jonathan Ellis, project chair for the Apache Cassandra project and CTO at DataStax, which offers commercial products and services based on Cassandra.


10 Coolest Big Data Startups Of 2012

Here are 10 examples of cool big data startups from the first half of 2012. Some have been incubating awhile and had their big debuts in 2012.


Because Hadoop isn’t perfect: 8 ways to replace HDFS

DataStax, a startup commercializing the Cassandra database, has fused Hadoop atop Cassandra to provide web applications fast access to data processed by Hadoop, and Hadoop fast access to data streaming into Cassandra from web users.


Cassandra Stays Ahead Of The NoSQL Pack

The NoSQL market continues to red hot with everyone throwing their hat into the ring. One of the stalwarts of the segment, Apache’s Cassandra project just released the 1.1 version of the NoSQL database and it has significant new features among which are improved caching, a revised query language and better Hadoop integration.

The Register

DataStax adds search to Cassandra NoSQL

At the Structure Data 2012 conference in New York this week, DataStax, which as commercialized the Apache Cassandra NoSQL database originally created by Facebook and open sourced as an Apache project, has bolted on search to the data store and a plug in that lets it also search and index application logs.


DataStax Enterprise 2.0

My client DataStax is announcing DataStax Enterprise 2.0. The big point of the release is that there’s a bunch of stuff integrated together…


The Big Promise of Big Data

For Twitter, making sense of its mountains of user data was big enough of a problem that it purchased another company just to help get the job done.


Creating a Big Data Platform: A Q&A with Billy Bosworth of DataStax

This BeyeNETWORK spotlight features Ron Powell’s interview with Billy Bosworth, CEO of DataStax. Ron and Billy discuss why enterprises should consider using the NoSQL database Apache Cassandra for big data analytics and talk about the products and services DataStax provides for Apache Cassandra.

Silicon Angle

DataStax Reviews Company, Cassandra Through 2011

DataStax, a commercial distributor of the Apache Cassandra NoSQL database is reflecting on the past year. The company reached several milestones in the past year, as did Cassandra, and there are high hopes surrounding both as we enter 2012.


The 451 Group

How to to provide a strongly consistent distributed database…

During the recent round of NoSQL Road Show events it has emerged that this description could be taken to suggest that NewSQL products are able to provide consistency, availability and partition tolerance and therefore contravene the common understanding of CAP Theorem that “a distributed system can satisfy any two of these guarantees at the same time, but not all three.”


Big Data: Hadoop, Business Analytics and Beyond

Providing effective business analytics tools and technologies to the enterprise is a top priority of CIOs and for good reason. Effective business analytics – from basic reporting to advanced data mining and predictive analytics — allows data analysts and business users alike to extract insights from corporate data that, when translated into action, deliver higher levels of efficiency and profitability to the enterprise.


Oracle Releases NoSQL Database, Advances Big Data Plans

Another attractive attribute of Cassandra and other open source products is their low cost, as they’re designed to scale out on commodity hardware.”There’s an order-of-magnitude difference in the speed, performance, and cost of deploying conventional relational databases and Cassandra,” said Billy Bosworth, CEO at Cassandra enterprise support and system monitoring and management software provider DataStax.


Cassandra 1.0.0. Is Ready for the Enterprise

Apache has announced the release of Cassandra 1.0.0, the first major milestone of the distributed column-based data store coming with data compression and several performance improvements and optimizations.


Apache Cassandra Ready for the Enterprise

“We’re consciously signalling that Cassandra is ready for mere mortals,” said Jonathan Ellis, who is the Apache vice president of Apache Cassandra project, jokingly referring to the amount administrative expertise needed to deploy previous versions of the software.

ZD Net

Apache launches Cassandra 1.0 NoSQL DB

The Apache Software Foundation announced Tuesday the release of Cassandra 1.0, the NoSQL database originally developed at Facebook for handling distributed, massive workloads common in cloud computing.


VIDEO: DataStax brings big data, Cassandra, to business

Cassandra is big data, no-SQL infrastructure for building new kinds of web services. Billy Bosworth, CEO of DataStax, explains what this is all about and tells me what the role of DataStax is in helping developers get into this new world.


Oracle Sails Out of OpenWorld, Into Uncharted Waters

At OpenWorld, the company rolled out not only a social network, but a “NoSQL” database along the lines of MongoDB and Cassandra and a “public cloud” that follows in the footsteps of Amazon Web Services and Google App Engine.


Oracle does about-face on NoSQL

Oracle’s introduction of its Big Data Appliance at the OpenWorld conference here this week is an indication of the attention it is being forced to pay to NoSQL database technology.

The 451 Group

Red Hat considering NoSQL/Hadoop acquisition yesterday published an article based on an interview with Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst asking the question “Is Red Hat Interested in the Database Market?” In truth there was no real need to ask the question, as Whitehurst’s comments made it pretty clear that Red Hat is interested in the database market, and specifically the NoSQL database market.