Samar Abbas Eliminates Complexities for Developers at Temporal

Samar Abbas Eliminates Complexities for Developers at Temporal

Samar Abbas, Co-Founder and CTO at Temporal

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Samar Abbas
Samar Abbas
Co-Founder and CTO at Temporal

Samar Abbas is CTO and co-founder of Temporal. He is a 20-year veteran of AWS, Microsoft and Uber engineering leadership. He worked on Amazon Simple Workflow Service from inception and led development of the Durable Task Framework at Azure, and then co-creating Cadence (a Temporal predecessor platform) at Uber. Samar and Maxim Fateev left to co-found Temporal and build the successor project to Cadence. Today, millions of Temporal workflows are run daily for high reliability and high scalability workloads from Stripe to Datadog to Snapchat.

Watch the video to learn how Temporal simplifies the development for mission-critical applications.


Temporal is the technology which is used in the mission critical, like key part of business where we take away the burden of developers thinking about all sorts of infrastructure failures that can happen. And they just focus on building business logic.

What we keep on seeing again and again, the biggest value proposition. Although it's about reliability, resiliency. But at the end of the day, it's about allowing, providing engineering organization, more agility.

There are three key things that we see: business logic, it's mostly developers who are building applications on top of us that someone that they care about.

The other one is retries, like when something fails, how should they be handling those failure situations?

And the third one is persistence.

And what we see again and again, is especially for cloud native environments, it's like smoothie architecture, where little bit of business logic is now aware of your retries and failure handling code and how you are like, all the way down to schema of database and how you are persisting and providing durability.

This is what we are trying, essentially to tease apart.

The key trait that we find, especially on the Astra team is they don't act like they know everything. They understand software has bugs. And we are not even looking for bug free software. Nothing like that exists.

The experience of working with Astra so far, it's been amazing partnering with the right people. Eventually it comes all down to the people and those relationships.