Devin Bost Builds Modern Real-Time E-Commerce with Apache Pulsar at Overstock

Devin Bost Builds Modern Real-Time E-Commerce with Apache Pulsar at Overstock

Devin Bost, Former Senior Data Engineer at Overstock

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Devin Bost
Devin Bost
Former Senior Data Engineer at Overstock

Devin Bost is a data architect with nearly 15 years of experience pioneering architectural patterns and best practices around event streaming, machine learning, and data-driven decisions. He’s a contributor to distributed, open-source, and cloud-native technologies, including Apache Pulsar. He has broad experience in the retail, education, medical, pharmaceutical, corrections, and real estate industries, and is an educator and community evangelist of Kappa Architecture. In essence, Devin has been passionate about solving data problems at scale.

At Overstock, Devin developed a large-scale, high-performance, geo-replicated streaming data fabric on Apache Pulsar to enable machine learning, search, reporting, and analytics. His efforts helped to increase organizational ROI, enabling fully automated onboarding, provisioning, and visualization of hundreds of projects with over a thousand topics and billions of messages per day.

Watch the video to learn how the leading tech-driven online retailer incorporates a unified messaging fabric pattern to meet modern real-time e-commerce demands.


Being a digital champion just tells me that Overstock is delivering its promise to leveraging innovation to improve the lives of our customers.

Data can impact every aspect of our lives. Data is how insight is attained, right? And if we can leverage data to make better decisions, then so many doors can open for us.

I'm Devin Bost. I'm a Senior Data Engineer at Overstock.

Overstock is committed to building dream homes for everyone. We're committed to providing sustainable value for our customers and for our partners. We build out a data fabric leveraging Apache Pulsar in partnering with DataStax. This data fabric has allowed us to open doors by leveraging real time information to be able to expand into additional markets and provide greater value to our customers.

One of the biggest challenges that we currently face with harnessing the power of data is just getting people to think in a data driven manner and thinking data first, right thinking in terms of what kind of data can we leverage to be able to get more insights into how we can do something better. The biggest benefit of working with DataStax is that they've been an integral partner in helping us to deliver a rock solid dependable platform for a data fabric.

We're currently processing between four and 10 billion events a day and we have plans to expand that system. We've got to have a platform that's trustworthy, so we can grow our business. Since we rolled out this platform, Overstock has continued to deliver sustainable, profitable market share growth to our shareholders.

I would definitely recommend DataStax. They're a true real time data company. They're right on the cutting edge of technology, and they've really been there every step of the way to help us to be successful in taking advantage of this opportunity.