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APAC GenAI Roadshow -Ulannbaatar

Fri, June 14, 2024 • 09:30 AM +08 • Asia Pacific

Location : Shangri-La Hotel

One stop GenAI Stack

Let us show you how to leverage real-time data to create next-gen customer experiences using Generative AI, specifically through retrieval augmented generation (RAG). RAGStack simplifies the implementation process, reducing complexity and providing a streamlined, efficient set of tools to work with LLMs.

With DataStax's recent acquisition of Langflow, a popular open-source visual framework for building RAG applications, you can now build your GenAI applications 100x easier and faster using Python-based composable building blocks.

We are excited to host you in our roadshow!

Singapore -04 June

Manila - 05 June

Ho Chi Minh - 06 June

Bangkok - 07 June

Kuala Lumpur - 10 June

Jakarta - 11 June

Hong Kong - 12 June

Coming soon ! - Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi

Who should attend:-
CDO, CTO, CIO, Head of Software developer, Head of Software Engineering, Head of AI, Head of GenAI, VP Engineering, Enterprise Architect, Innovation lead, Dev lead