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Build scalable API-based Microservices with Spring Boot and Cassandra

Are you tired of using different databases and different APIs depending on the work that you’re trying to get done? Are you fed up with “read the manual” fatigue and lengthy selection processes every time you want to create a new project?


Join the DataStax Developers as we show you how to build microservices using Spring and Cassandra, the NoSQL database! You’ll also meet Stargate, a new open source API framework to make your data available through any API you can dream up—providing support for both schemaless and stateless architecture through the use of APIs.
We’ll provide you with a Spring Boot starter and more! Come and code with us in this brand new, hands-on workshop.Session Details:

  • What is, why the project started, and why it’s a game changer
  • How to create a Spring Boot application from scratch (
  • How to connect the application to Stargate/Astra with Spring Data and the Astra SDK
  • How to create a web page listing values from the DB
Cedrick Lunven

Cedrick Lunven

Software Engineer, DataStax

David Jones-Gilardi

David Jones-Gilardi

Developer Relations, DataStax