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Build an effortless global application in one day!

Learn everything you need to know to create the data layer for a Cassandra-based YouTube like video sharing application using the language of your choice. Java, Python or NodeJS!


What We Cover (in a nutshell)

  • Creating and Using Apache Cassandra clusters in DataStax Apollo
  • Cassandra Query Language (CQL) Basics
  • Cassandra Data Modeling
  • Application Development with DataStax Driver
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What You Get


  • Hands-on experience building a real working application using the best developer tools for Cassandra
  • Practical data modeling expertise to get the most out of Cassandra
  • Experience using Cassandra Query Language(CQL) for the most typical operations
  • Best practices for building Cassandra applications in the language of your choice: Java, Python, or NodeJS
  • A free trial to DataStax Constellation, our cloud data platform
  • Face-to-face interaction with the Cassandra experts