Hands-on Workshop

Deploy RAG app using AstraDB, LangChain and OpenAI

Are you fascinated by the capabilities of AI and looking to dive into the realm of generative applications? Whether you're a seasoned developer or an enthusiast with a background in technology, our upcoming workshop is tailored to equip you with cutting-edge skills in the rapidly evolving field of AI.

WeWork,106 Boulevard Haussmann Paris 75008 • EMEA

Join DataStax on the journey into the realm of generative AI

DataStax is running multiple workshops, Paris, London and Berlin to give you hands-on experience moving beyond theory with practical learning. You can expect the below set up of the workshop:

  1. Introduction to RAG, Vectors, and Embeddings: Kickstart your journey with a deep dive into Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG), understanding the magic behind vectors and embeddings, and the pivotal role they play in AI's understanding and processing of complex data.
  2. The Full Picture of Generative AI (GenAI): Gain a comprehensive overview of GenAI, exploring its capabilities, applications, and the transformative impact it has on various industries.
  3. Getting Started with AstraDB and Vector Search: Take your first steps in utilizing AstraDB for AI applications. Learn the ins and outs of vector search, a critical component in making AI models more efficient and accurate.
  4. Building a GenAI Application: Step into the practical side as we guide you through building your very own GenAI application. This session is designed to provide hands-on experience, cementing your understanding of the concepts discussed.