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The Barcelona Developers Conference 2024 is a multidisciplinary conference made for Developers and by Developers, to learn and share the different modern software technologies used across companies.

La Farga Centre d'Activitats

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This is a two-day to share knowledge and experiences, meet enthusiasts and geeks and learn about new technologies related to backend and frontend development, Agile, DevOps, Cloud, and many others. The event has 5 tracks: Java & JVM | Cloud, DevOps, VMs, Kubernetes | Frontend, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, WASM | Leadership, Agile, Diversity | Big Data, Machine Learning, AI, Python.

Accelerating Generative AI Development: Harnessing Astra DB Vector Store and Langflow for LLM-Powered Applications
David Leconte

David Leconte

Data Architect, DataStax

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