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Introduction to Cassandra for Developers

New to the world of NoSQL and haven’t used Cassandra before? Join this 40 minute guided workshop on Cassandra and create your own database.


This introductory session is perfect for those coming from a relational background and wanting to get hands-on with a denormalized database that has no tables, rows, primary keys, or foreign keys, yet has a SQL-like query dialect. As the original cloud-native database, developers choose Cassandra for its linear scalability and proven fault tolerance on commodity hardware or cloud infrastructure. It’s the perfect platform for mission-critical data in apps, functions, and microservices, particularly at a global scale.

You can expect to leave this introductory session with :

  • Your own database running in the cloud
  • An understanding of why Cassandra is in the top 3 database salaries worldwide
  • Learn the fundamental NoSQL concepts with Apache Cassandra®
  • Discover what NoSQL is and what it can do in key-value, columnar, and document models
  • Get hands-on with NoSQL data modeling concepts
  • Set up your own NoSQL database using Astra DB free plan - no credit card required

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Pieter Humphrey

Pieter Humphrey

Developers, DataStax