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IRT GraphQL - ‘Hands-on’ Workshop (Melbourne)

Build a Netflix Clone 'Hands-on' Workshop

Asia Pacific

Date : 08 March, 4.00pm to 6.00pm

Location : WeWork office, Level 22, 120 Spencer Street Melbourne

GraphQL is fast becoming the popular choice for microservices. How do you build API’s with GraphQL? Why is it important? and how do you scale apps that use it?

Join us for this GraphQL hands-on workshop, with craft beer and pizza of course, to learn how to build a global scale Netflix homepage clone with React, Netlify and DataStax Astra and even get to deploy it publicly.

We will walk you through the lab, building the tech stack and giving you an understanding of the tools we are using - React for the Frontend, Astra for the backend, and of course Netlify for deployment. Then you will fully deploy your Netflix clone, so get ready for your first viral app!

Krishnan Swamy

Krishnan Swamy

Principal Data Architect, DataStax