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In Real Time (IRT) AI/ML: Out of the Lab, Into Production 'Hands-on' Workshop- Melbourne

Asia Pacific

Location I WeWork Office- Level 22, 120 Spencer St, Melbourne

Want to learn about creating a deep learning model and making that available for real-time predictions? Want to get hands-on with popular Machine Learning tools and algorithms?

Join in and follow along with this workshop where you will: - Learn about the main ideas and practices of Machine Learning (ML) - Get a practical understanding of some of the main ML algorithms - Have fun with an interactive session - Learn how you can leverage a distributed NoSQL Database-as-a-Service to save your dataset and Streaming-as-a-Service to train your models and predict at scale.

Don’t miss this opportunity to up your game and become a leader in real-time data processing!

Hilton Rosenfeld

Hilton Rosenfeld

Data Architect, DataStax