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Maximize Your Real-time Enterprise Data Distribution with DataStax - Join the Discussion

Come and hear from DataStax's CTO for streaming as they discuss how an open approach to streaming lays the foundation for AI/ML capabilities in your applications, both now and into the future.

Asia Pacific

Location : WeWork - Office
Room 1A, Level 1 - 21 Collyer Quay,Singapore 049320

Join us and discover how DataStax & Astra Streaming revolutionises messaging and event brokering through a truly open, multi-protocol approach. This data distribution platform is designed for enterprise-level scalability, security, and performance, ensuring seamless application integration and usage.

With numerous data distribution options available, it's crucial to build on an architecture that enables applications to deploy and distribute data without compromise. Whether you aim to enhance your Kafka infrastructure with global distribution and scalability or modernise your legacy JMS-based approach, DataStax & Astra Streaming empowers you to elevate your data distribution capabilities without the need to recode or redesign your applications.

Leverage built-in messaging and streaming functionality, supported by a cloud-native first design that seamlessly integrates with existing on-premise deployments for effortless data migration to and from the cloud. Powered by Apache Pulsar, DataStax's Astra Streaming has everything you need.

Bill McLane

Bill McLane

CTO Cloud, DataStax, DataStax