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Stream Processing is the Secret to Transforming Your Business

North America/Asia Pacific

Stream processing is the art of working with data before it is persisted. You might know stream processing as real-time processing. At its core, stream processing includes transforming, aggregating, and enriching data through pipelines, all in memory. This means very low processing latency and very high throughput.

Common uses of stream processing are making cost-optimization decisions as conditions change, quick responses to changing events, and creating “windows” of data for visualization. Imagine categorizing data from hundreds of sensors and thousands of web users with a few lines of SQL. Stream processing has become the secret to many disruptors and high growth applications’ success.

In this webinar, we'll show you how to transform your existing web click data into real time data pipelines. You’ll discover new possibilities that are unlocked when platforms like Decodable and DataStax Astra are connected, enabling you to create meaningful dashboards that drive deep data-driven decision making.

Highlights include:

- Why Pulsar is the right event streaming technology

- How DataStax can help you quickly get started with Pulsar technology

- How Decodable captures streaming data from any source in the format you need using only a few lines of SQL

- The ease of integrating Decodable and DataStax Astra together

- Demonstration of real time web click data being processed and visualized

Decodable is a real-time data engineering service that lets teams build streaming pipelines with SQL transformations, connecting data sources and sinks in minutes. No large data teams, infrastructure admins, or phd’s required.

DataStax is the real-time data company. Only DataStax delivers the power of Apache Cassandra®—the world’s most scalable database—with advanced Apache Pulsar™ streaming technology in a unified stack, available on any cloud.