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Streamline GenAI and RAG Data Pipelines with Airbyte and DataStax Astra DB

Watch this on-demand livestream with DataStax and Airbyte, where we show you a simpler way, and why over 40,000 engineers rely on Airbyte to connect to any enterprise data source and vectorize any kind of enterprise data.


You've probably heard that there is no AI without Data, so how do you go about easily tapping into large amounts of data and getting it vectorized to build great generative AI applications?

Join DataStax and Airbyte for a 45-minute livestream where we’ll use Airbyte to ingest comics from xkcd and build a simple search engine that lets us query the entire collection and a recommendation engine that takes an xkcd comic and recommends others that folks might like!

In this 45-minute session we will demonstrate how you can:

  • Connect to any enterprise data source
  • Segment and embed data into vectors in Astra DB.
  • Use RAGStack for ingestion, embedding, and prompt retrieval
  • Bring it all together in a user-friendly chatbot

To wrap up, we’ll host a live Q&A where you can ask technical questions.

Carter Rabasa

Carter Rabasa

Head of Developer Relations

Bindi Pankhudi

Bindi Pankhudi

Engineering Manager, Airbyte