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The Developers Conference (TDC) - Brazil

The Developers Conference (TDC) is the most significant event for developers in Brazil and Latin America. Adaptability has always been an important hallmark of TDC, and in 2024 they have prepared a new journey to meet demand of people, companies and society with the aim of bringing participants to the forefront of AI.

São Paulo, Brazil • Latin America
  • 12,000+ in-person registrations
  • 41,000+ digital registrations
  • 70,000+ sponsors

This event serves as a unique educational platform that brings together AI technology professionals, meetup organizers, speakers, companies, and sponsors in a unique learning platform.

Learning and Development: The conference features a wide array of workshops, talks, and panels led by experts in various fields of AI.

Exposure to Innovation: TDC showcases cutting-edge technology and innovative projects from leading companies and startups.

Community Engagement: TDC emphasizes community building and offers a space for like-minded individuals to come together and share their passion for technology.

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