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The WeAreDevelopers World Congress is the world's leading event for developers. The event is the Go-To place to get a complete overview of recent insights and future trends in modern software development.

Messe Berlin, South Entrance & CityCube ‍Jafféstrasse 14055 Berlin, Germany • EMEA

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With 8 main themes at the event this year, from all things software development, AI & Machine Learning, to empowering people & culture, WeAreDevelopers World Congress covers them all. Anticipating 15,000 attendees and hundreds of partners across 2 exhibition halls, this is an event for professional growth, connecting with peers and gaining valuable insights of tech trends from brilliant speakers.

DataStax Sessions

Accelerating Generative AI Development: Harnessing Astra DB Vector Store and Langflow for LLM-Powered Applications

Join Dieter and Michel in this dynamic 30-minute talk as they demonstrate how leveraging Astra DB’s vector store and Langflow can significantly expedite the development of applications powered by large language models (LLMs). This session will provide a detailed look into how these technologies streamline the creation and deployment of LLM-driven solutions, significantly speeding up development processes.

The session will start with an introduction to the vector capabilities of Astra DB, which are essential for managing the high-dimensional data demands of generative AI applications. We will then focus on how Langflow, a pioneering low-code platform, accelerates the development lifecycle of LLM-powered applications. By facilitating rapid prototyping and iteration, Langflow enables developers to reduce development time dramatically.

Key Points:

  • Leveraging Astra DB Vector Store: Understanding how Astra DB’s vector store enhances the performance of LLMs by efficiently managing and querying vector data.
  • Streamlining LLM Development with Langflow: Showcasing how Langflow’s low-code environment speeds up the building and deployment of LLM-powered applications, making advanced AI accessible to a broader range of developers.
  • Live Demonstrations: Live demonstrations of developing LLM-powered applications using Astra DB and Langflow. Benefits of Accelerated Development: Discussing the practical impacts on project timelines and cost reduction.

Hands-on Workshop: Build-your-own-RAG in minutes

Join this workshop tailored for enthusiasts and professionals to delve into the world of Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG), Vector Search, and AI Chatbot implementation. Gain insights into best practices, apply your knowledge in real-time, and depart with your very own deployed RAG Chatbot. Engage with local experts and like-minded professionals, leveraging this opportunity to enhance your technical expertise.


Generative AI, Retrieval Augmented Generation


OpenAI, LangChain, AstraDB Vector Store, Langflow, Streamlit

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