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WikiChat: Build a RAG App on Wikipedia in Real-time with LangChain, Vercel, and Astra DB


About WikiChat

What if you could use GenAI to converse with Wikipedia and ask it about the very latest updates on your favorite topics?

Let’s go! In this YouTube livestream, you will learn how to use Next.js along with Vercel’s AI SDK and LangChain to build and deploy a production-ready RAG (retrieval augmented generation) chatbot that can discuss the latest real-time changes in thousands of the most popular Wikipedia pages.

Join us on January 24th at 10 am PT for a live, 45-minute session where we’ll show you how to:

  • Ingest real-time data using the Wikipedia API
  • Chunk and embed the data using LangChain and Cohere
  • Build a simple chatbot using the Vercel AI SDK and Next.js
  • Build intelligent RAG prompts to utilize real-time Wikipedia data
  • Create relevant vector queries of Wikipedia articles and updates

To wrap up, we’ll host a live Q&A where you can ask technical questions. Don't miss this chance to elevate your skills in building state-of-the-art RAG apps.

Jacob Lee

Jacob Lee

Founding Software Engineer, LangChain

Alex Leventer

Alex Leventer

Ecosystem, DataStax


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