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Alpha Ori Technologies Transforms Marine Logistics with Real-Time Data and DataStax Astra DB

Arlene Go
Arlene Go
Alpha Ori Technologies Transforms Marine Logistics with Real-Time Data and DataStax Astra DB

Recently, we sat down with Praveen Viswanath, Enterprise Architect for Alpha Ori Technologies to learn more about his experience with DataStax Astra DB. He explained how the company transforms marine logistics with big data in real-time and that Astra DB has relieved the Alpha Ori IT team from the complexities of database and infrastructure administration.

With approximately 90% of world trade transported by sea, Alpha Ori Technologies recognized a great opportunity to apply cutting-edge, real-time AI predictive analytics solutions to the maritime transportation industry. The maritime digital solutions provider chose open-source Apache Cassandra®, the world’s most scalable database, to build its SMARTship software.  

Providing intelligent analytics, alerts, and insights to vessel stakeholders both aboard and onshore, SMARTship collects and transmits more than 5,000 data points every 30 seconds from various navigation, cargo, and engine control systems on a vessel. The technology enables maritime operators to optimize operational efficiencies and reduce carbon emissions to meet sustainability imperatives while increasing business value and growth opportunities.

As the company grew, Alpha Ori’s IT team faced competing priorities and was drawn to Astra DB, a fully managed, serverless database solution built on Cassandra that would reduce its operational overhead. A multi-cloud, multi-region database-as-a-service (DBaaS), Astra DB makes it easy to build with and operate Apache Cassandra.

According to Viswanath, “We rely on real-time data streaming from ships to provide all the services we offer. The route recommendation service saves fuel for our customers, and the remote monitoring and diagnostic service helps troubleshoot issues remotely. And this is possible because we are able to read and write at excellent speeds on DataStax Astra.”

Watch the video and read the full case study to learn how DataStax Astra DB makes real-time data possible with seamless scalability.

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