Agent X

Agent X

Build the Generative AI Experience: Agent Architecture

Highlights from Agent x, July 2023

Agent X Recap

How would you build the next Salesforce or Shopify today? You'd build it as an AI Agent.

Build the Generative AI Experience: Agent Architecture is a virtual summit for architects and practitioners where we unpacked and demonstrated AI agent architecture for Generative AI applications. We showed how to use in-context data to create memory for LLM agents, and demo Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) with vector search, embeddings, LangChain, and real-world prompt engineering along the way.

Watch the replay to learn about:

  • Agent memory with Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG)
  • Architectures with vector search, langchain, and embeddings in action
  • Sophisticated prompt engineering with historical and real-time data
  • Using Astra DB and Cassandra 5.0 NoSQL with Generative AI
  • Best practices and considerations when deploying AI agents

Join us in building the future of a new era of AI applications!


Agent X 2023

  • The Generative AI Stack

    Generative AI is the biggest platform shift since the original internet tidal wave, and maybe bigger. How do LLMs impact each part of the stack? How will your real-time data create differentiated Generative AI?

    Ed Anuff | DataStax

  • Building the Astra Assistant : Architecting an AI Agent

    In this session we break down our journey in architecting a production Gen AI agent with Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) that uses docs, chats, and product history to create a personalized LLM chatbot support experience. Expect demos and more demos for:

    • Gen AI Data Engineering: Memory with Embeddings and Vector Search
    • Real-world Prompt Engineering for Production AI agents
    • Prompt execution, testing and caching

    Alex Leventer & Alan Ho | DataStax

  • Vector Search: Under the Hood

    In this deep dive session, Jonathan discusses the technical details of Astra Vector search and how to get the most performance out of different query types, as well as implications for application developers.

    Jonathan Ellis, Co-founder | DataStax

  • Agents in Production: Best Practices and Issues in Deploying AI Agents

    Don’t deploy your agent before participating in this session where we’ll discuss our lessons learned and emerging best practices in issues such as hallucination, security, privacy, sentiment and more.

    Charna Parkey & Bryan Kirschner | DataStax


Jonathan Ellis

Jonathan Ellis

Cofounder, DataStax

Ed Anuff

Ed Anuff

CPO, DataStax

Charna Parkey

Charna Parkey

PHD, AI Strategy, DataStax

Alan Ho

Alan Ho

AI Products, DataStax

Alex Leventer

Alex Leventer

AI Developer, DataStax

Bryan Kirschner

Bryan Kirschner

VP Strategy, DataStax

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