DataStax Expert Support

Benefits of Expert Support

Hot Fixes

Should a bug cause a production application outage or serious performance issue, DataStax works to immediately correct the problem and supplies a hot fix build to get your application back online.

Around-the-Clock Protection

The expert support teams at DataStax provide the confidence and assurance your enterprise IT staff and leadership need to deploy database technology that’s key to your business success. Coverage is available 24x7x365.

Bug Escalation

You have the option of escalating critical bugs so they receive priority and the highest attention of DataStax engineering.

Global Support

DataStax support teams are located in multiple geographies to ensure fast support no matter where you are.

Certified Software Updates

Support includes certified software updates for DataStax Enterprise.

Software Lifecycle Management

You receive full commercial software lifecycle support that includes both certified software updates and expert support for earlier versions of DSE Cassandra that you still have deployed in production.

DataStax Luna

DataStax Luna

DataStax Luna provides subscription-based support for open source Cassandra to help ensure you meet required service levels while providing your team with the confidence they need to deploy and run their applications.

  • Get support directly from the distributed database experts who authored a majority of the Cassandra code, drivers, and tools.
  • Choose the right level of support for your budget as well as your technical and business needs then easily scale through the self-service portal.
  • Get started in minutes through a simple process that lets you begin coverage directly through our website.
DataStax Premium Support

DataStax Premium Support

DataStax Premium Support provides you with added options to enhance your current version of subscription-based support designed for the utmost in flexibility and fit.

  • Interact with a dedicated team comprised of our most seasoned support engineers
  • Tailor your support experience based upon the level of dedication and the breadth of services that your business demands
  • Choose between single add-on offerings or bundle multiple offerings allowing you to mix and match to meet to your needs, not ours

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