Astra Migration Service

Product Terms · Last Updated Date: 
March 31, 2021

The DataStax Astra Migration Package includes the following services for migrating workloads from either open-source Apache Cassandra or DataStax Enterprise to DataStax Astra:

Astra Migration Package Scope

  • Planning and Assessment - Plan the overall migration approach including
    • Project structure (role and responsibilities, deliverables, sign off procedures)
    • Detailed review of applications and data models
    • Collaboration to determine migration methods (live or offline) and how to migrate historical data
    • Assist Customer in assessing source clusters and network
    • Assist Customer in establishing test criteria for migrated databases
    • Goal: Documented migration approach including details of performed assessment(s)
  • Preparation and Testing - Establish all the tools and target environments
    • Assist Customer in creating the Astra databases
    • Assist Customer in establishing network connectivity
    • Provide migration tools and assist Customer to set up and test migration tools for live and historical data
    • Assist Customer in modifying any client applications to access live proxy
    • Goal: Astra Database connected and accessible.
  • Execution - All tools and applications have been modified, and data is being migrated from the source instance to Astra in accordance with the agreed plan
    • Customer validates that the real-time requests are routed to both clusters via the proxy (applicable for live migrations)
    • Customer migrates historical data via DSBulk or Spark Migrator
    • Assist the Customer to verify data migration and monitor new Astra cluster
  • Post Migration Review - decommission the migration tools
    • Assist Customer with row count validations for each table with DSBulk
    • Assist Customer with full data comparison using cassandra-diff
    • Disable the migration proxy
    • Goal: All agreed workloads fully migrated to Astra in accordance with the agreed plan
  • Documentation and Training
    • Training provided on the fundamentals of Astra as applicable.
    • Goal: All advice fully documented and tracked within Jira

Astra Migration Package Deliverables

  • Documented migration approach including details of performed assessment(s) in the form of a migration assessment report
  • Post-Migration report containing validation of key metrics set forth

Customer Responsibilities And Dependencies:


  • Run and provide diagnostics on source Apache Cassandra (“c*”) environment(s)
  • Provide details of the application/services using c*
  • Implement any configuration and application changes required to ensure Astra guardrail compliance and migration tool compliance
  • Customer to set up Astra environment(s) as guided
  • Install and run Apache Spark™ if needed for the offline migration
  • Configure and run any required data transformation scripts
  • Install and configure the Proxy as per advice
  • Hands on running of the migration
  • Assist with the post migration data validation exercises
  • Perform all migration preparations and tasks in a timely manner in accordance with the agreed time scales which will take no more than 6 months to complete.
  • Sign off the migration as complete

Dependencies: The following are Customer requirements for the Services. If Customer does not provide timely responses and access as indicated below, the time allotted for delivering the services shall not be extended

  • All critical prerequisites for which Customer is responsible shall be met at the start of the project
  • Customer shall provide timely access to the log files and other diagnostic reports
  • Customer shall provide access to the infrastructure team with core C* admin knowledge
  • Customer shall set up and make available Astra environment(s) to DataStax
  • Customer shall provide timely access to install local migration tooling
  • Customer shall provide resources to run and test the migration
  • Customer will ensure that personnel with appropriate skills and experience are available to meet with DataStax as reasonably necessary
  • Customer will provide timely responses to DataStax inquiries from knowledgeable personnel in timeframes that do not impact the schedule
  • The DataStax professional working day is eight hours, including reasonable time for meals. DataStax expects that Customer personnel are available during normal working hours.


  • This is a pre-paid non-cancellable offering.
  • Migration Package is limited to 5 applications / microservices (a client process that connects to a cluster through the native protocol usually using a Datastax driver) and 2 environments.
  • Pricing available separately for services relating to migration readiness, migrating additional applications and environments
  • If the Customer requires additional consulting days, per day consulting services will be available to purchase via a separate Order Schedule.
  • Package days expire 180 days from purchase date.
  • All applications must meet the Astra guardrails and Astra database limits, as applicable (# of tables) etc., which can be found here (
  • Services will be delivered remotely.
  • The package is for the services listed herein only. Customers are required to have a separate license for their access to DataStax Astra and if applicable, use of DataStax Enterprise.
  • The package does not include support for non-migration activities, changes to data model, other existing issues such as performance, security, etc.

See the DataStax Services Terms for complete terms and further information.