DataStax Data Retention Policy

Services Terms · Last Updated Date: 
January 23, 2020

DataStax Luna

Data you submit in connection with a DataStax Luna support request will be retained by DataStax as described below.

  1. Support Data provided by Customer to DataStax Support via Sendsafely secure message is deleted after 90 days of a support ticket being closed.
  2. Other Customer Support Data submitted via the support portal is deleted 7 months after the Customer is no longer a Customer, unless the Customer objects to the deletion of Support Data within this time period.
  3. If Customer objects to the deletion of Support Data within the time period aforementioned in section 2 then the Support Data is retained for an additional 6 months, the 6 months is in addition to the 7 months after the Customer is no longer a Customer aforementioned in section 2.
  4. If Customer objects as described in section 2, during the 6 month extension DataStax will send another communication to Customer to inform them that at the end of such extension DataStax will delete the information, unless Customer objects, in which case another 6 month extension as described in section 3 will be applicable until no such objection is received and the Support Data is deleted.

The following tables provide information about DataStax Data Retention Policies in various capacities across DataStax products and services.

Customer and Non-Customer Data*

Record CategoryRetention Period
Business Contact information2 years
DataStax Managed Services (DMS) metrics1 year
DMS logging180 days
All customer data30 days after the relationship ends
DataStax Astra usage metrics2 years
DataStax Astra business contact information2 years

* Non-Customer refers to individuals who do not buy a product or pay for services but have provided data to attend DataStax events and access DataStax resources.

Data Stored in DataStax Managed Services (DMS) & DataStax Astra

Record CategoryRetention Period
Log data180 days for active customers, deleted 30 days after customer relationship ends
Metrics & monitoring data1 year
Account settings90 days following account closure
Any other metadata30 days following account closure

DataStax Astra-specific data

Record CategoryRetention Period
Account contact data - names, email addresses, mobile numbers, address, company90 days following account closure or upon request
Data within Astra90 days following termination of contract, account closure or upon request - data may also be returned to the customer if requested
Data received from Google - GCP Marketplace30 days following account closure or termination of contract by customer. Additionally at the request of Google
Customer metrics - usage amounts, business intelligence data2 years or 90 days following account closure or termination of contract
Customer financial data - invoices, payment data, billing data from third party payment vendor (Stripe)2 years

Where technically feasible, data held by DataStax in DMS & Astra will be deleted within 30 days following a customer request.

Metadata on DMS & Astra will be retained for 1 year.