DataStax Labs Terms

Last Updated Date: 
May 17, 2019

The following DataStax Labs Terms are part of an agreement (the “Agreement”) between you, the “Customer” identified in your account information provided during signup, and DataStax, Inc., a Delaware corporation. The Agreement includes all of the terms stated in these DataStax Labs Terms, the DataStax Enterprise Terms (available at, and any other documents or terms expressly incorporated into this Agreement by reference. In interpreting this Agreement, these DataStax Labs Terms, the Enterprise Terms, and any other documents or terms shall take precedence in that order in the event of a conflict, to the extent of the conflict.

1. DataStax Labs Software

Subject to the terms of the Agreement, you may use the DataStax Labs Software for an unlimited number of Nodes, solely for beta testing, non-production purposes. “DataStax Labs Software” means the limited-release beta software made available to you by DataStax. Your right to use the DataStax Labs Software will automatically terminate ninety (90) days after you download the DataStax Labs Software. DataStax reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate any license under these DataStax Labs Terms at any time, on written notice.

2. Beta Testing

You agree to test the DataStax Labs Software and provide DataStax with comments, notes, bug reports and feature comments with sufficient documentation, samples, code error, screen shots, etc., to help DataStax evaluate and improve the DataStax Labs Software. DataStax welcomes your suggestions and feedback. If you provide any suggestions, feedback, or improvements to the DataStax Labs Software, DataStax will have the right to use and have others use such suggestions, feedback, and improvements for any purpose.

Upon your written approval, you agree to provide a press release, case study, and references for DataStax Enterprise and/or the features and functionality you have tested in the DataStax Labs Software.

If you choose to comment publicly regarding the DataStax Labs Software (for example, through blog posts or social media), you agree to explicitly reference the DataStax Labs Software, so as not to confuse the features and functionality of the DataStax Labs Software with commercially-available DataStax Enterprise software.

3. Future Generally Available Releases

Statements concerning the production release of any DataStax product are by nature forward-looking statements that involve a number of uncertainties and risks and are subject to change. Such statements are intended to reflect the current views of DataStax with respect to the production release of DataStax software and may ultimately be updated with different or contrary statements. Factors that could cause actual events or results to differ materially include shifts in customer demand, rapid technology changes, competitive factors, and unanticipated delays in scheduled product availability. There is no guarantee that a feature released in DataStax Labs will ever become generally available. It may remain a DataStax Labs feature indefinitely, be shutdown, or be combined with other features. Some DataStax Labs features may eventually become generally available, but there is no fixed schedule for this.

4. No Warranty

The DataStax Labs Software is not intended for production use and is not certified for production environments, and therefore may contain bugs and functional issues. THE DATASTAX LABS SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED “AS IS” AND WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY OR SUPPORT.

There is no charge for your participation in the DataStax Labs Software evaluation.