DataStax Springboard Terms

Services Terms · Last Updated Date: 
August 31, 2020

The DataStax Springboard Package is designed to help new DataStax Enterprise customers accelerate getting their first application supported by DataStax Astra ready for production. It includes up to: 70 days of consulting services and 21 days with a DataStax Project Manager.

DataStax will carry out the following activities:

Project Management:

  • Facilitate the design sprint sessions
  • Facilitate Stakeholder updates / MVP reviews
  • Capture and clarify the goals, timelines, risks, and logistics of the Application
  • Create and manage the backlog of tasks
  • Manage progress against plan
  • Manage issues, risks, and provide mitigation actions
  • Map business objectives to technical requirements

Design Sprint:

  • Run workshops to:
    • Identify business outcomes
    • Define application SLA’s
    • Design application architecture and design
    • Facilitate competing design ideas and solutions
  • Analyze and review success criteria
  • Review of the overall system architecture and see where DataStax (Astra) fits with a focus on data flow (in and out of Astra)
  • Review the use case review: type of data, payload size, expected throughput per dataset, data retention, replication factor, consistency requirement
  • Assist with the prototyping of possible solutions
  • Define major application components
  • Create a backlog of tasks

Development Sprints:

  • Assist in defining required data sources and integration points
  • Assist with application Development
    • DataStax Driver setup and usage
    • Iterative data modelling design and implementation in CQL
  • Assist with the planning, set up and execution of testing
    • DataModel load test
    • Application load teet
    • Smoke tests & production readiness tests
    • Test at full scale: NoSQL Bench(TBC)
  • Operations
    • Setup Astra environment
    • Advise on the set up of local network access with Astra
    • Produce a capacity planning report
    • Assist with fault tolerance planning
    • Advise upon CICD options
    • Review Cluster configuration and recommend settings according to best practices


  • Online training DS201 and DS210 / New Astra Course (New name)
  • Other training is provided on an adhoc basis

Not In-Scope For This Package Is:

  • Code destined for the production environment without Customer testing and sign off


  • Delivery dates will be mutually agreed between DataStax and Customer.
  • Services are prepaid and non-refundable
  • Local travel and expenses are included
  • Unused days expire in accordance with the time period specified in the applicable Order Schedule or 180 days after the Effective Date of the applicable Order Schedule, whichever is earlier.
  • Customer is responsible for all related cloud vendor fees and expenses
  • Any application code provided pursuant to these terms is: (a) provided independently of any other project or relationship with Customer; (ii) provided as-is and for educational purposes only; and (iii) provided without warranty or support.
  • DataStax excludes any and all liability with respect to any provided application code.
  • The application code is licensed to Customer for internal use and shall not be transferred or re-licensed without DataStax’ prior written consent.
  • While DataStax will make the appropriate recommendations with the information then-available, DataStax cannot make any performance guarantees. DataStax cannot guarantee that all of the recommendations can be completed during the time allotted but will complete as many of the recommendations as time permits. DataStax will provide a separate proposal for any additional time required to complete the outstanding tasks.

See the DataStax Services Terms for complete terms and further information.