Luna Streaming Supplement

Product Terms · Last Updated Date: 
November 23, 2021

This DataStax Luna Streaming Supplement (“Supplement”) applies to any use of DataStax Luna Streaming by Customer. The Supplement and any Order Schedule are governed by the Master Subscription Agreement between Customer and DataStax (“MSA”). This Supplement, the MSA and any applicable Order Schedule shall be collectively referred to as the DataStax Luna Streaming Terms or the Agreement. Capitalized terms used but not defined in this Supplement have the meanings given to them in the MSA.

  1. No License Rights Granted. Notwithstanding Section 1.1 of the MSA, a DataStax Luna Streaming Subscription provides Customer with access to DataStax technical support for supported Nodes of either Apache Pulsar or the DataStax Luna Streaming Distribution and if applicable the associated Open Source Projects during the Product Term. No license to Apache Pulsar, the DataStax Luna Streaming Distribution, the Open Source Projects, or any DataStax proprietary software is provided in connection with a DataStax Luna Streaming Subscription. Customer must license and download Apache Pulsar, the DataStax Luna Streaming Distribution and the Open Source Projects separately. During the Product Term, DataStax may make available to Customer certain DataStax software tools, patches or fixes, which may be subject to separate license terms.
  2. Support. During the Product Term DataStax shall provide Customer the applicable Support for any supported Nodes.
  3. Modifications; Discontinuation of Service.Customer agrees and understands that DataStax may make modifications, including discontinuation of the DataStax Luna Streaming services at the end of a Product Term, from time to time and will use commercially reasonable efforts to notify Customer of any material modifications.
  4. Suspension of Support. DataStax reserves the right to temporarily suspend Customer’s access to the Support portal for scheduled maintenance periods, for which DataStax will endeavor to provide Customer with advanced notice, where it is reasonably possible for DataStax to do so.
  5. Increased Volume of Use. Customer may increase its use during the Subscription Period beyond the scope specified in the Order Schedule, provided that Customer notifies DataStax of the additional use within 30 days and pays the applicable Fees, starting at the date of increased use. The Order Schedule will specify the scope of the Subscription purchased by Customer, including as follows: (1) number of Nodes; and/or (2) other applicable license parameters set forth in the applicable Order Schedule.
  6. Data Restrictions. Customer agrees that: (i) DataStax is not acting on Customer’s behalf as a Business Associate or subcontractor; (ii) Customer should not transmit any protected health information (“PHI”) to DataStax; (iii) Customer should not transmit to DataStax any information that would require DataStax to be compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, as amended and supplemented (“HIPAA”); (iv) to the extent required under applicable law, Customer will obtain any consents from Customer’s end users that are required for Customer to pass the Account Data and/or Support Data to DataStax in order for DataStax to provide Support. In the preceding sentence, the terms “Business Associate,” “subcontractor,” “protected health information” or “PHI” shall have the meanings described in HIPAA.
  7. Survival. In addition to Section 10.12 of the Agreement, Section 6 (Data Restrictions) of this Supplement will survive any expiration or termination of this Agreement.
  8. Definitions.

Apache Pulsar” means the Open Source Software licensed by the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) as made available at or from Apache and Pulsar are trademarks of The Apache Software Foundation, and are not owned or distributed by DataStax.

DataCenter” means one compute location or one single cloud provider availability zone where Nodes reside.

DataStax Luna Streaming Distribution” means the distribution of Apache Pulsar Software and other open source tools made available by Datastax that is licensed under Apache v2.0.

DataStax Luna Streaming” means the DataStax Support offering for Apache Pulsar, DataStax Luna Streaming Distribution, and if applicable for the Subscription Tier other Open Source Projects used in conjunction with Apache Pulsar.

Documentation” means the open source software documentation for Apache Pulsar, or the DataStax Luna Streaming Distribution as made available at

“Node” means a Virtual Machine (up to 8 CPU cores) or physical computer that runs one or more components that comprise the Software.

Open Source Projects” means the following open source projects:

  • Pulsar Admin Console
  • Pulsar Heartbeat
  • Starlight for JMS
  • Starlight for RabbitMQ
  • The following Apache Pulsar Connectors:
    • Elasticsearch sink
    • JDBC-Clickhouse sink
    • JDBC-MariaDB sink
    • JDBC-Postgres sink
    • Kafka sink
    • Kinesis sink
    • Debezium MongoDB source
    • Debezium MySQL source
    • Debezium Postgres source
    • Kafka source
    • Kinesis source
    • DataStax pulsar-sink

as made available at their respective project sites or from

Subscription” means Customer’s subscription to DataStax Luna Streaming during a specified Product Term.

Product Term” means the term for which Customer has subscribed to DataStax Luna Streaming. Unless otherwise specified at the time of purchase the Product Term is 12 months.

Subscription Tier” means the DataStax Luna Streaming tier to which Customer has subscribed. Subscription Tiers are further described in the Support Addendum.

Support” means the support services of the Supported Software as described in the Support Addendum available at

Supported Software” shall have the meaning defined in Section 1 of the Support Addendum to this Agreement.