On Demand Expert Services Catalog - DSE/Luna

Last Updated Date: 
December 15, 2022

Services available when you need them on your journey.

Service Descriptions

Service Name

Service Description


Data Modeling Best Practices

Workshop with DataStax Solution Architect which explains Cassandra Data Modeling best practices and specific considerations related to ZDM and Astra


Data Model Assessment

Workshop with DataStax Solution Architect which evaluates an existing use case data model and provides feedback and recommendations or helps to create one.


Stargate Best Practices

Workshop with DataStax Solution Architect which explains Stargate best practices and sample applications utilized selected Stargate APIs.


Driver Setup and Configuration

Setup driver configuration for application connecting to Astra


Migration Assessment

Assess migration alternatives and recommend potential approaches, timeline and level of effort.


Health Check - OSS Cassandra or DSE

A complete diagnostic scan of your cluster to help troubleshoot and improve your Cassandra configuration


Ask a DataStax Solution Architect (General Consultative Service)

Consultative “ask me anything session” with DataStax Solution Architect


Instructor Led Training

Instructor led training sessions with up to 20 participants


Named Solution Architect Acceleration Working Sessions

Monthly, Bi-Weekly, Weekly consultative working sessions with a Named DataStax Solution Architect

16, 32 or 64 credits