Prepaid Consulting Days

Services Terms · Last Updated Date: 
January 23, 2020

DataStax will provide prepaid services for the number of days set forth in the applicable Order Schedule.

Once purchased, the DataStax services team will engage with Customer to define the activities as mutually agreed upon between DataStax and Customer. The activities during the Services days may include one or more of the following:

  • Assisting Customer with DataStax Enterprise (DSE) and related product installation and configuration
  • Assisting in the definition and design of the logical architecture of DSE
  • Providing guidance on the DSE data model
  • Assisting with data migration best practices
  • Assisting with the deployment and operation of production and development environments
  • Assisting Customer with OpsCenter configuration and management
  • Assisting with the design and execution of appropriate load and performance tests
  • Recommend appropriate key performance metrics and alert thresholds
  • Advise on DSE best practices relating to:
    • Security
    • Replication strategy
    • Cluster set-up and configuration
    • Error scenarios and recovery approaches
    • Monitoring
    • Performance Tuning
  • Providing best practice advice for testing against DSE
  • Capacity planning
  • Application design review and recommendations
  • Proactive identification and mitigation of project risk areas
  • Reviewing performance optimization techniques


  • Days are prepaid and non-refundable
  • Each partial day will count as a full day, and any single day that lasts more than 10 hours will count as 2 days
  • Travel and expenses are not included
  • Unused days expire in accordance with the time period specified in the applicable Order Schedule or 365 days after the Effective Date of the applicable Order Schedule, whichever is earlier.
  • Notwithstanding any other provisions, the Services shall not include any application or code development. Further, while DataStax will make the appropriate recommendations with the information then-available, DataStax cannot make any performance guarantees. DataStax cannot guarantee that all of the recommendations can be completed during the time allotted but will complete as many of the recommendations as time permits. DataStax will provide a separate proposal for any additional time required to complete the outstanding tasks.

See the DataStax Services Terms for complete terms and further information.