Startup Program Terms

Last Updated Date: 
July 13, 2017

Due to overwhelming demand, the DataStax Startup Program is closed and is not accepting applications for new enrollees.

A “Startup” means a privately-held entity that has annual gross revenue of less than (USD) $5,000,000 and that has raised less than (USD) $50,000,000 in funding. A qualifying Startup may use the Software subject to the terms applicable to the “No-Fee License” set forth in the DataStax Enterprise Terms, except that: (1) it may also use the Software for production purposes (in addition to non-production purposes); and (2) the Evaluation Period limitation shall not apply. All other terms of the No-Fee License apply. Support requires a paid Subscription. Within 90 days of ceasing to qualify as a Startup, Customer must either halt its use of the Software or obtain a paid Subscription.

The Startup Discount (specified in the Order Schedule under which Customer enrolls in the startup program) applies only to a Subscription purchased while Customer is still a Startup. If Customer graduates from the startup program by growing its revenue or funding beyond one of the above thresholds, then for two years after graduating, Customer may continue to purchase Subscriptions at the following discounts off the then-current list price (“Graduate Discounts”): (1) if purchased during the first year after graduation, the Graduate Discount is 60%; (2) if purchased during the second year after graduation, the Graduate Discount is 30%. If Customer undergoes a public listing, then DataStax may on 90 days notice terminate Customer’s access to the Graduate Discount. If Customer ceases to qualify as a Startup because of a merger or acquisition, then it will not be eligible for a Graduate Discount. Neither discount can be used toward purchases of consulting or training services.

DataStax may list Startups on its website as participants in the Startup Program and may use their logo for that limited purpose only. If it believes that it has had a good experience with the Software, then Customer will cooperate in good faith with DataStax requests to conduct joint marketing efforts, for example, through a press release, case study, webinar and references.