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Proctoring and Exam Execution

  • This is a closed-book exam - no-reference material; either paper or electronic is allowed.
  • A live proctor will watch you, virtually, throughout the exam.
  • The exam area should be clear of any paper, device or other material.
  • No programs or browser windows can be open during the exam.
  • No screenshots, photography, or any other means of copying or recording any part of the exam are allowed.
  • Have a small mirror (like a hand-held or makeup mirror) available so the proctor can inspect your laptop's physical screen
  • The computer must have only one screen no additional monitors.
  • The proctor will report any incidents; make sure you follow the guidelines.
  • Confirm your identity - prepare to display a currently valid government-issued photo ID (passport or driver's license) where the expiration date is viewable


Exam Start & End

  • In case of an emergency, you can request postponement of the exam.
  • The exam is 90 minutes in duration. The exam starts when the proctor comes online.
  • A timer will be displayed, and the exam will end when the time is over.
  • No report or feedback or correct and incorrect answer details will be provided.

Good Luck!