watsonx and Astra DB

Astra DB is the vector database for developers that need to get accurate Generative AI applications into production, fast. IBM watsonx is the next generation, enterprise-ready AI and data platform designed to multiply the impact of AI across your business.


Why Astra DB and watsonx ?

Astra DB is the only vector database that can make vector updates immediately and scale to the largest real-time data and streaming workloads, securely on any cloud - real-time data read/writes/availability is critical to prevent AI hallucinations. By combining Astra DB with watsonx.AI, you have the core components needed to build applications that use retrieval augmented generation (RAG), FLARE, and model fine tuning. Astra DB deploys on prem or in the cloud of your choice and works natively so your entire application stack can live on the same consistent infrastructure and will benefit from important security standards like PCI, SOC2, HIPAA, and ISO 27001.

Up to 18% more relevant vector search results
8X to 15X higher throughput
Request responses to up to 12X faster
Ultra low latency on billions of vectors