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SANTA CLARA, Calif. – May 7, 2019 – DataStax, the leading provider of the only active everywhere hybrid cloud database built on Apache Cassandra™, today announced that DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra™ is now available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, an online store providing applications and services for use on Microsoft Azure. DataStax customers and developers can take advantage of a simpler, more cost-effective way to build and scale applications on Azure with DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra.

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“At Baylor University’s Department of Geosciences, we’ve developed an edge-based solution that acquires, stores, and processes approximately 625 million samples of seismic data per day," said Frank Sepulveda, Ph.D. Candidate at Baylor University Department of Geosciences. "We rely on DataStax Enterprise to seamlessly replicate data across edge nodes for subsequent data analysis. The new joint offering of DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra on Microsoft Azure provides a validated solution in a highly modular, adaptable, and accessible cloud format. I’m excited to utilize this new offering to ‘auto-magically’ continue our data’s journey all the way from the edge to the cloud.”

“DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra on Azure Marketplace makes it easier for developers to build and scale modern applications in a hybrid cloud or multi-cloud with support from Cassandra experts,” said Matt Rollender, VP, Global Business Development and Partners at DataStax.

“Microsoft Azure Marketplace lets customers worldwide discover, try, and deploy software solutions that are certified and optimized to run on Azure,” said Sajan Parihar, Director, Microsoft Azure Platform at Microsoft Corp. “Azure Marketplace helps solutions like DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra reach more customers and markets.”

The availability of DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra on Azure has many benefits, including:

  • Ideal for IT pros and developers who value the Azure Marketplace experience
  • Publicly available in all Microsoft-managed countries
  • On-demand, pay-as-you-go, per-core per-hour pricing
  • Optimized for easy deployment into Azure
  • Consolidated billing through Azure bill

Azure’s enablement of frictionless billing, deployment, and provisioning of DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra means more companies will be able to take advantage of Cassandra and DataStax expertise in Cassandra, including the choice of 24x7 or 8x5 support.

DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra allows companies to accelerate Cassandra development and improve utilization with free, high-quality training, tools, and resources. It comes with a production-ready version of Cassandra that’s 100 percent open source compatible and is supported by the Cassandra experts.

The Azure Marketplace is an online market for buying and selling cloud solutions certified to run on Azure. The Azure Marketplace helps connect companies seeking innovative, cloud-based solutions with partners who have developed solutions that are ready to use.

Learn more about DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra here, and to view the DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra in the Azure Marketplace, click here.

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To learn more about DataStax and DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra, please join DataStax at DataStax Accelerate, the world's premier Apache Cassandra™ conference, May 21-23, 2019, in the Washington, D.C. area.

To attend, please visit or call 650-389-6000 and use code Accelerate20 for 20% off a conference pass.

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DataStax delivers the only active everywhere hybrid cloud database built on Apache Cassandra™: DataStax Enterprise. The foundation for contextual, always-on, real-time, distributed applications at scale, DataStax Enterprise makes it easy for enterprises to seamlessly build and deploy modern applications in hybrid cloud. DataStax also offers DataStax Managed Cloud, a fully managed, white-glove service with guaranteed uptime, end-to-end security, and 24x7x365 lights-out management provided by experts at handling enterprise applications at cloud scale, and DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra™, a production-certified, 100% open source compatible distribution of Cassandra with expert support. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter @DataStax.

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