Example of Spring Data Cassandra REST API
Spring Data Cassandra REST API

This application uses **Spring Data Cassandra** and **DataStax Astra DB** to build a REST API for a backend service that interacts with products and orders.

10 Minutes · Beginner
Example of JAMStack + Netlify + Astra DB + Cassandra
JAMStack + Netlify + Astra DB + Cassandra

This is an example React To-Do application using a DataStax Astra DB free tier database.

10 Minutes · Beginner
Example of Next.js + Astra Starter
Next.js + Astra DB Starter

Integrate Astra DB into a Next.js API when building this starter app.

10 Minutes · Beginner
Example of Gatsby.js + AstraDB
Gatsby.js + Astra DB

With this development example, create a React.js, Gatsby application that reads data from DataStax Astra DB using GraphQL.

30 Minutes · Beginner
Example of Spark Migration Tool + Astra
Spark Migration Tool + Astra DB

Use Spark to migrate data from an existing Cassandra cluster to Astra DB.

40 Minutes · Expert
Astra DB

Multi-cloud DBaaS built on Apache Cassandra™