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DataStax Enterprise Advancements

The world’s best distributed database for hybrid cloud—DataStax Enterprise 6.7 boasts new enhancements that simplify operations, ease of use, and advancements in performance and data security.

2-4X Performance of Apache Cassandra™

The highest responsiveness and throughput for surges in usage or workloads.

Self-Driving Operational Simplicity

Easily manage DSE like a seasoned professional with features like NodeSync, Upgrade Service, and Traffic Control.

Simplified Modern App Development

Simplified development and deployment for your cloud apps with Kafka and Docker integrations optimized for DSE.

We were impressed with the advantages in version 6 versus prior versions and Apache Cassandra. We look forward to taking advantage of all the power and simplicity it has to offer.

Nathan Gould Technical Head of Software Engineering, Uniper

DataStax Enterprise 6.7

DSE is the most widely deployed distributed hybrid cloud database, and we’ve taken lessons learned from a broad range of enterprise-grade deployments and put them into this latest release. We’ve made DSE easier to deploy, manage, and customize to your specific environment, and for mixed data models. It’s the only active everywhere database platform that runs wherever needed—on-premises, across regions, or in the cloud.

Kafka & Docker Integration

Easier development and deployment with Production ready Kafka and Docker integration

Operational Analytics

Easier and more scalable operational analytics for today’s cloud applications

Enterprise Search

Simplified enterprise search for geospatial applications

Improved Data Protection

Improved data protection, with smart cloud backup/restore support

Insights Engine

Better performance diagnostics with new insights engine and third-party integration

Performance Resources


Optimized and Tuned for Performance and Scale

Modern applications demand the highest responsiveness with surges in usage or workloads. DSE 6’s advanced performance builds on Cassandra’s strong foundation with significantly lower latency for superior application responsiveness and twice the capacity.

Analyst Report

Advanced Performance with DataStax Enterprise

zData Benchmark: zData conducted a performance benchmark of DSE 6 versus open source Cassandra. Read this report to learn the surprising results and understand how and why DSE 6 outperforms Cassandra in reads and writes.


DSE Advanced Performance: Apache Cassandra™ Goes Turbo

With DataStax Enterprise 6, we unveiled some of the most critical performance enhancements ever. It’s not just about speed, either; we’ve made DSE more efficient and resilient to meet the most demanding workloads.

Robust Transactional Analytics

Enterprises demand instantly actionable insights with fresh, always available data to drive their applications. DSE delivers the most scalable and highly available mixed workload environment of database, analytics, and search—all with a common security model.

Always-On SQL

Ensures uptime for your analytics so you get only the freshest, most secure insights.

Apache Kafka or Apache Spark Structured Streaming

Simple, efficient, and robust streaming from Kafka or other sources.

DataStax Studio

Adds SparkSQL so developers can easily develop analytic workloads.

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