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Announcing DSE 6.7

We’ve taken all of the advantages of DSE 6 - which is still the industry’s best distributed cloud database designed for hybrid cloud - and made everything easier to deploy, manage, and optimize for your specific needs. The result is the only active-everywhere database platform that runs wherever needed - on-premises, across regions or clouds.

Operational Analytics

Easier and more scalable operational analytics for today’s cloud applications
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Enterprise Search

Simplified enterprise search for geospatial applications
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Improved Data Protection

Improved data protection, with smart cloud backup/restore support
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Insights Engine

Better performance diagnostics with new insights engine and third-party integration
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Kafka & Docker Integration

Easier development and deployment with Production ready Kafka and Docker integration
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DataStax Enterprise 6

The Best Distributed Cloud Database for Powering Real-time Applications at Massive Scale

DataStax Enterprise 6

Webinar: 10 Ways to Multiply the Power of Apache Cassandra™ Without the Complexity

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zData Benchmark

zData conducted a performance benchmark of DSE 6 v. open source Apache Cassandra™. Read this report to learn the surprising results and understand how and why DSE 6 outperforms Cassandra in reads and writes.
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We were impressed with the advantages in version 6 versus prior versions and Apache Cassandra. We look forward to taking advantage of all the power and simplicity it has to offer.

– Nathan Gould, Technical Head of Software Engineering, Uniper

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Introducing DSE 6 with Robin Schumacher

Robin Schumacher joins the show to take us behind the scenes of the brand new DataStax Enterprise 6 release, sharing how a focus on customer value, operational simplicity and building a unified platform led to new features like Advanced Performance, NodeSync and many others.

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Search in DSE 6 with Nick Panahi

Nick Panahi shares what’s new and awesome with Search in DSE 6, including what you can do with search-enabled CQL queries, the performance enhancements you can expect to see, and why configuring search just got easier.

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Double the Performance of Cassandra

Right-Now Economy applications demand the highest responsiveness, no matter the surge in usage or workloads. DSE 6 Advanced Performance builds on Cassandra’s strong foundation with half the latency for superior application responsiveness and twice the capacity.

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Self-Driving Operational Simplicity

DSE 6 enables even novice DBAs and DevOps personnel to manage operations like seasoned professionals.

DSE NodeSync

Reduces manual operations by 90% compared to Apache Cassandra™ and eliminates cluster outages attributed to manual operations, which means reduced operational costs, shorter support cycles, and far less application management.

DSE Upgrade Service

Provides error-free patch upgrades with 60% less manual involvement, automatically notifiying you that an upgrade is available, downloading the software, applying it to a cluster with zero downtime, and freeing you to do other things.

DSE TrafficControl

Delivers advanced resiliency to ensure DSE nodes stay online under extreme workloads and helps prevent node failures, further contributing to continuous availability.

Robust Transactional Analytics

Right-Now Economy enterprises demand instantly actionable insights with fresh, always available data to drive their applications. DSE 6 delivers the most scalable and highly available mixed workload environment of database, analytics, and search — all with a common security model.

AlwaysOn SQL

Ensures uptime for your analytics so you get only the freshest, most secure insights.

Apache Spark Structured Streaming

Simple, efficient, and robust streaming from Apache Kafka or other sources.

DataStax Studio

Adds SparkSQL so developers can easily develop analytic workloads.

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