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AIOps for Apache Cassandra™

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AIOps Service for Apache Cassandra

An AIOps service that continually assesses how Apache Cassandra is used providing near real-time expert advice, knowledge, and skills so that operators and developers can be consistently successful with Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise (DSE) clusters. To see Vector in action, watch our demo!

Vector proactively monitors the health of Apache Cassandra clusters

Vector analyzes individual nodes, compares behavior to other nodes in the cluster, and serves up recommendations, such as Cassandra and operating system configuration, schema design, and Cassandra performance and query techniques.

Automated Advice

Automatically raises awareness and provides recommendations for existing events and potential issues to help you quickly resolve.

Continuous Updates

Rules and advice are continuously updated, deployed to SaaS and on-premises applications, and automatically applied to clusters.

Hands Off Management

Provides advanced visualizations, hands off access to configuration and schema, and history of changes.

Cassandra Skills Development

Helps strengthen Cassandra skills and knowledge. Vector reduces unexpected and unplanned items so experts can spend more time innovating.

Learn more about the Vector Private Beta Program

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How It Works

How Vector Works How It Works

Learn more about the Vector Private Beta Program

"Vector is a very good service, which helps not only identify the issues, but also provides the suggestions and recommendations along with the solutions. This will be a great help to the Developer/Application team."

Bidhu Das

Sr. Lead Databse Domain Architect, Cisco

"DataStax Enterprise enables us to build highly scalable cloud-native applications as an Industrial IoT platform and bring them to any cloud with ease. Vector promises to optimize our devOps workflows considerably, enabling our team to build better data-driven applications in less time and with less friction—all while leveraging cutting-edge technologies and open source tools to delight our users."

Shinichiro Matsunaga

Manager, iQuattro® at NTT DATA Corporation

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