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3 Ways a Modern Multi-Cloud Data Platform can Transform Telco Applications

For telecommunication companies, the rollout of 5G will release a whole new ocean of data that could overwhelm legacy platforms – or create opportunities to build contextually rich data ecosystems that enable tactile and immersive customer experiences. What’s needed is a modern data platform that can leverage edge computing, operational analytics, advanced statistics, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to provide insights on demand and enrich customer experiences with contextual data in real time.

In our latest webinar, you’ll learn how your telecommunications enterprise can create new applications that:

  • Increase revenue with new market offerings that take advantage of IoT devices, edge computing, AI, VR/AR, blockchain and machine learning.
  • Serve mobile users with an always-available, instantly responsive customer account portal.
  • Launch new products at full scale without glitches or lag.
  • Improve customer service with a repository that provides personalized recommendations, proactive solutions and next best steps.
  • Lower operational costs related to legacy and sustaining infrastructure with increased open-source adoption, mainframe/RDBMS migration and greater application development velocity.
  • Reduce TCO by quickly and accurately tracking root cause of network problems.
  • Reduce hardware failures with predictive analytics that anticipate failures across the network.
  • Mitigate risk with security, authentication, identity, fraud detection, risk management and privacy regulation compliance.
  • Detect and prevent fraud with a combination of real-time and analytic capabilities.
  • Handle massive volumes and spikes of data with an ML engine to improve fraud detection rate while reducing false positives.

The webinar also offers insights into real-world use cases by revealing how the world’s biggest telecom enterprises leveraged the world’s most scalable data stack.

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