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Modernize Your Data Architecture to Scale AI in the Cloud

TechCrunch DataStax IBM

Many enterprises are struggling to run modern workloads using legacy databases that can’t keep up with real-time, highly active, and unstructured data. Success relies on modern data applications and databases that are always on, highly scalable, secure, and able to utilize real-time data.

In this fireside chat-style webinar, Patrick Callaghan, VP, Partner CTO at DataStax, and Alan Villalobos, VP of Development, Partnerships, Data and AI at IBM, dive into how together, IBM Cloud Pak for Data and DataStax Enterprise (DSE) enable a Cassandra-based distributed datastore, coupled with best-in-class data science, governance, and privacy.

You'll Walk Away With:

  • An understanding of how Cassandra became a developer-friendly database
  • The know-how to run a Kubernetes-native database, with the benefits of IBM’s ecosystem and DSE’s cloud-native API’s
  • Use cases for realtime, massive amounts of data
  • An overview of IBM Cloud Databases for DataStax

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