DataStax Astra

DataStax may use the following third parties as Sub-Processors when processing personal data in connection with your use of DataStax Astra:

  • Amazon Web Services, Inc. 
  • Google LLC
  • Microsoft Corporation 
  • Zendesk, Inc. 
  • FullStory, Inc. 
  • Atlassian Corporation Plc
  •, Inc. 
  • Datadog, Inc. 
  • Logzhero Ltd. 
  • Appcues, Inc. 
  • Harness, Inc. 
  • Split Software, Inc. 
  • Retool, Inc. 
  • Elasticsearch B.V.


DataStax Luna and DSE Support

In connection with DataStax Luna, DataStax may use third parties to provide support for product delivery, customer service, and other functions. Our current list of processors is as follows:

  • Stripe, Inc. 
  • Zendesk, Inc. 
  • Google LLC
  • PagerDuty, Inc. 
  •, Inc.
  • SendSafely, Inc. 
  • Direct Line, Inc. 
  • Atlassian Corporation Plc 


For all products and services DataStax may also use one of more of the following DataStax Affiliates as a data processor:

  • DataStax UK Ltd.
  • DataStax France SARL
  • DataStax Australia Pty Ltd.
  • DataStax Canada, Inc.
  • DataStax Germany GmbH
  • DataStax Japan, GK
  • DataStax Singapore Pte. Ltd.
  • DataStax Ireland Limited