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Whether you’re a Pulsar rookie or an experienced expert, whether you’re 100% cloud or running on-prem,
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The DataStax Advantage

Enterprise-grade security

You trust your streaming platform to handle mission critical data. DataStax provides additional vulnerability scanning and security testing for Apache Pulsar across all of our streaming products.

Fully managed or self-managed

Whether you want a fully managed, scalable, highly performant SaaS offering deployed on the cloud platform of your choice, or prefer to have full control over the operational aspects of your deployment, DataStax offers solutions to meet your requirements.

Better together with Apache Cassandra

Build real-time data pipelines with DataStax Astra DB, DataStax Enterprise, or open source Apache Cassandra. By combining Apache Cassandra with Apache Pulsar, you ‘ll turn your firehose of events into a read-optimized data view that can be served up instantly to keep key stakeholders informed in real-time.

Accelerated time to value

Vast amounts of data in motion are often trapped in aging message-oriented middleware systems like MQ and JMS. DataStax provides drop-in compatibility for JMS-based systems through Fast JMS for Pulsar, a spec-conformant solution that enterprises can use to instantly modernize their JMS applications and connect to the full capabilities of Apache Pulsar.

No cloud vendor lock-in

Regardless of whether you deploy on premises or in the cloud, you get the full advantages of open source software and the vibrant community that surrounds it. With DataStax Astra Streaming, you have all the flexibility of a cloud service, without being locked in to a single cloud ecosystem.

World-class support

With a follow-the-sun model and escalation that includes access to open source committers on Apache Pulsar, Apache BookKeeper, and Apache Zookeeper, you’ll have a world-class team of experts to resolve any problem—no matter how complex.


The Cost Savings of Replacing Kafka with Pulsar

GigaOm reports better performance and a 3 year savings of up to 81% when using Pulsar over Kafka.

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As users of Apache Pulsar, it is exciting to see DataStax contribute to the Pulsar community and make it easily accessible on a massive scale for companies like ours. DataStax is a trusted partner of Overstock who is advancing the global adoption of Apache Pulsar, enabling our developers to build modern data apps faster with infinite scalability.

George Trujillo

Vice President of Data Engineering, Overstock

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