Trusted, Real-Time and Fast Data For Telecom

Fast data layer for better customer experience, fraud prevention, and smooth billing and payments processes. Powered by Apache Cassandra®, a true peer-to-peer 24/7 database for 24/7 connection.

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Distributed Database

Mobile network providers enable instant connections— anywhere, any time. This comes with an expectation of consistent availability no matter what. Telecom companies are pressed to come up with more competitive offerings while keeping costs under control without compromising on service.

A modern data platform enables always-on availability for uninterrupted service. By leveraging edge computing, operational analytics, AI and ML companies are able to enrich customer experiences with contextual data in real time.

At DataStax, we partner with the leading telecom companies to help drive growth, innovation, and customer loyalty.

  • Provide users an instant access to services and account portals
  • Launch new products faster and at full scale
  • Improve customer experience with personalized recommendations and next best steps
  • Detect and prevent fraud with a combination of real-time and analytic capabilities


Cassandra-based database for MNOs and MVNOs

Astra DB - DBaaS built on Apache Cassandra is ideal for the telco market that competes on innovation and customer experience. It reduces deployment time from weeks to minutes, and delivers an unprecedented combination of serverless, pay-as-you-go pricing with the freedom and agility of multi-cloud and open source.

Customer 360

Collect, store and process customer data for real time suggestions, service enhancements and personalized experience


Prevent fraud by making all data available to feed into AI / ML models for control and analysis


Fast and always-on architecture to handle all real-time transactions and provide historical data at any point in time

Consumption based

Always be ready for unexpected spikes in traffic, scale up and scale down as needed with serverless architecture


Manage IoT solutions, sensor data and time series data at scale - especially those leveraging AI and machine learning

Learn how telco developers can increase revenue, efficiency, and security

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Speed, availability, transparency, and real-time data processing for telecom

Accelerated development

Access a cloud native data platform with all of the power of Cassandra in less than 5 minutes.

Availability via APIs

Avoid the complexities of any particular database technology and use standard REST, GraphQL, and Document APIs.

Freedom of cloud choice

Quickly and easily develop on a cloud native platform and deploy to any cloud, on-prem, or hybrid.

More coding, less ops

Focus on developing innovative features, and let Astra DB take care of operations.

Easy integration

Couple the database layer with event streaming technologies including Apache Kafka® and Apache Pulsar®.

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Customer Success

See how mobile network providers are partnering with DataStax to enhance customer experience and monetize their business.

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