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Testing Apache Cassandra workloads in DataStax AstraDB

Here is a quick list of resources to help get you started with migrating or testing a workload on DataStax Astra DB.

Yahoo! Cloud Serving Benchmark (YCSB)

Git repo:

An open source package used for evaluating and comparing the performance of database operations across several database products.



If you're already using Apache Cassandra, then you're likely familiar with cassandra-stress. This tool allows you to run read, write, or mixed workloads against specific Cassandra data models.

Cassandra Harry

Git repo:

A testing tool for Apache Cassandra which generates reproducible, production-like workloads.


Git repo:

cql-proxy is an open source tool (written in Go) designed to function as an intermediary between Apache Cassandra and DataStax Astra DB. It can ensure that applications can quickly connect to Astra DB, without rewriting connection code to use the secure cloud bundle. If you're having trouble connecting to Astra DB from an application or other product, give the cql-proxy a look.



Git repo:

DSBulk is an open source tool which allows for data to be quickly imported and exported from Apache Cassandra and DataStax Astra DB. It also has a count function, which is one of the most-accurate ways to get a rowcount on a large table.